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Increasing Demand For Coloured Diamonds in Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are known for the richness of colours in them.Hues of reds, yellows and greens make a splash, creating a perfect ambience.While Indian weddings have a fair amount of gold accessories but people of late, have developed a major interest in a related section – diamonds. In India, most diamond jewellery is purchased for 'love occasions' such as weddings or engagements.And what's better than coloured diamonds in Indian weddings; which have become quite popular over the last few years or so.
Traditionally, Indian jewellery was set with uncut and rose cut diamonds, but the charm of coloured diamonds in Indian weddings was not widely spread.Today, coloured diamond jewellery is making good progress in the Indian market. It is marketed at the top of the chain as a luxury item.Because jewellery plays an important role in Indian wedding traditions and as a status symbol, when a trend picks up it is just a matter of time before everybody wants to have that same look. Coloured diamonds are becoming more prevalent as they offer flexibility in terms of design and colour.It also adds a more contemporary look to an outfit.
Colored Diamonds in Indian Weddings
In Indian weddings nowadays, there's a common trend that is followed where the parents of the bride give custom-designed jewellery as a ceremonial gift. So, people now prefer diamonds more over the traditional Gold Jewellery. Coloured diamonds have become a fashion statement.From bride's engagement ring to the wedding's jewellery set, everything has diamonds in it.
When asked about diamonds you may initially imagine a sparkling clear stone, but fancy coloured diamonds are too beautiful to neglect. These are very rare gems which are why it is adored by both celebrities and royalty, they are often seen and are true symbols of status. In addition to their beauty, purchasing a coloured diamond is considered as a long term investment as it's valued increases by  10-15% every year.
The most popular cuts for fancy coloured diamonds are Radiant, Cushion, Pear and Oval. These cuts amplify the diamond’s colour and bring maximum light. Emerald and Round shaped coloured diamonds are considered as the most valuable and costly diamonds. Yellow, Pink and Green are most preferred coloured diamonds in Indian weddings.
Coloured Diamonds in Indian Weddings
Brides looking for really unusual and trendy engagement ring, but who still crave the traditional touch of a diamonds can go for a lighter shades of pink or yellow.Like any other coloured gem, the more attractive the colour of the diamond is the greater is it's worth. As the availability of vibrant coloured diamonds is so rare, the demand for these is extremely high, especially in Indian weddings. Of all colour varieties, yellow, brown and black diamonds are relatively inexpensive and are within an affordable price range. All of the other colours like pinkbluegreenorange are very rare and hence quite expensive.
Another reason behind increased demand for coloured diamonds is its affordability.Earlier, these diamonds were not purchased as they were regarded as a luxury only for the rich people.But now, coloured diamond jewellery is within the reach of lower economic groups as well. Though traditionally, solitaires set in a yellow gold band are preferred, the younger generation is becoming more adventurous and going in for with coloured diamonds in Indian weddings.Women nowadays generally go for coloured diamonds which would go with western as well as Indian clothes. And for occasions like engagements and weddings, they prefer trendy and quirky designs.
Coloured Diamonds in Indian Weddings

Different Kinds Of Indian Bridal Looks

A wedding day is a most awaited day in a girl’s entire existence. Every girl wishes to look her best on this day as it marks the beginning of her new life. So, be it a wedding, festival or some other event, everything has its uniqueness. Indian brides differ from culture to region to religion and it is because India is a diverse country which is rich in culture and beholds many religions with different values and customs. That is why there are so many Indian bridal looks in our country from Kashmir to South.
In India, wedding is not just about celebrating the union of two individuals, but rather it is a promise to be with that person not only in this life but for the next seven lives or for Saat Janam. In India, weddings are usually a large affair where you can see brides flaunting their best looks. So, here we present some Indian bridal looks for you that will leave you awestruck.

Indian bridal looks

1. Sikh Bride

A Sikh bride can wear either a lehenga or anarkali suit for Anand Karaj ceremony. No matter how many jewels and gems a Sikh bride wears, but her look is never complete without chooda and kalire. Her chooda comprises of white, red, pink bangles which are given to the bride by her maternal uncle and aunt. The kalire are bright golden or silver trinkets which are tied on bride’s chooda by her maternal uncle. The bride covers her head with a veil during the entire wedding ceremony.
Indian bridal look: sikh bride

2. Punjabi Bride

Well, who hasn’t heard about the big fat Punjabi weddings? I am sure everyone has because they are so grand and lavish. Similarly, the Punjabi bride's lehengas are grand and heavy with lots of glitters and embroidery. Usually, they are pink, red and maroon in colour; however, white and black are avoided. Punjabi brides lehengas are to die for. They are usually teamed with gold and diamond jewellery. Nose ring or nath forms an integral part of the jewellery.
Indian bridal looks: punjabi bride

3. Christian Bride

Indian Christians have certain cultures different from others depending on their region. Not all Christian brides wear a white dress on their wedding day, some prefer to wear sarees. However, those who opt for wearing a white dress have a net veil supported by a tiara, a white flower bouquet and a traditional practice of bride walking down the aisle in the church with her father.
Indian bridal looks: Christian bride

4. Muslim Bride 

The Muslim bride usually wears a bright red or yellow ghaagra, a heavily pleated skirt with a long blouse embroidered in gold. The dupatta is hung low, covering her bowed head. The most notable thing in brides attire is her jewellery especially the jhoomarA silk cloth is tied on her wrist wrapping the silver or gold coin given by groom’s mother before the wedding. A Muslim brides eye makeup is something to die for. The fineness of the kajal makes her look more and more beautiful.
Indian bridal looks: muslim bride

5. Assamese Bride

As per the Assamese culture and tradition, the bride has to wear the mekhela chadar, a traditional bridal outfit given by groom’s mother. It is a silk saree with gold work and is cream or off-white in colour. She wears traditional jewellery, andmaang tikka is considered as auspicious. Brides do not wear heavy makeup.
Indian bridal looks: Assamese bride

6. Tamilian Bride

The Tamilian bride wears a bright coloured kanjeevaram saree with zari border. Bride’s hair is tied in a braid which is then decorated with traditional gold jewellery. Their head is completely decorated with gold jewellery comprising of single stringmaang tikka and matha patti and long earrings.
Indian bridal looks: Tamilian bride

7. Bengali Bride

Bengali brides usually wear a white or off-white Benarasi silk sarees with zari work and red or maroon borders. Alta is a major part of her makeup. It is applied on her feet. She wears a maang tikka supported by a single matha patti. White and red dots of sandalwood paste are painted in the area above her eyebrows.
Indian bridal looks: bengali bride           

8. Telugu Bride

The Telugu bride changes into two bridal looks during her wedding ceremony. She wears a silk saree with all the jewellery and kamarbandh when she is brought in a tokri by her brother and maternal uncle, and for the jeelakarra bellam ceremony, she changes into white cotton saree with red border.

9. Marwari Bride

A Marwari bride wears a heavy lehenga or a saree with gold or silk work. Just like her outfit, her jewellery is also heavy.Borla- fingerlet; a kundan- a neckpiece and gold nath are the most important jewellery for a Marwari bride.

10. Maharashtrian Bride

A string of flowers or pearls called mundavalya differentiates Maharashtrian bridal look from other Indian bridal looks. Her saree is a double tone silk saree with golden border called paithaniwhich she wears in a dhoti style. She ties her hair in a bun with mogra flowers.
Indian bridal looks: Marathi bride                         

11. Gujarati Bride

Unlike other Indian bridal looks, Gujarati bridal look is very different. Gujarati bride wears her pallu facing the front. She wears two Sarees during her wedding ceremony a panetar and gharchola. Panetar is a white saree with red, golden, green dots. It is the last gift from her parents and relatives side. Gharchola is a bright red saree with a silk and zari work given by her in-laws symbolising their acceptance of her as their daughter-in-law.

12. Malayali Bride

For the wedding, Malayali brides are dressed up in white silk sarees with golden borders. They prefer flowers jewellery to compliment their outfit which includes gajra, jasmine and rajanigandha flowers.
Indian bridal looks: Malayali bride

13. Kashmiri Bride

Among the entire Indian bridal looks, Kashmiri bridal look is my favourite. The traditional outfit turns them into ethereal beauties. It involves a pheranwhich is a raffle outlined with an ari or snare embroidery at the neck, sleeve and edges; it can be in red, yellow and pink shading. The headwear includes kalpush alongside zoojh (a white shading fabric with brilliant golden paper), and large the whole thing is called Tarang. The bride either wears a saree or lehenga and dupatta is worn over the head.

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15 Cool Things About Having A Royal Palace Wedding

We would have started dreaming about the day of our wedding even before we choose our life partners, and that dream is heightened with every marriage we attend, every grandiose wedding we watch in movies and with every beautiful wedding ensemble we see. The ideal, dream wedding for everyone is a huge palace with lighting effects covering its tomb, the lawns adorned with colourful lights and backdrops and impeccable never-seen-before interior decorations. Here are some cool things about having a royal palace wedding.

royal palace wedding

People can’t stop talking about it

People will still talk about your wedding long after your wedding is over. They would gossip all about the majestic palace in which your wedding took place. Whenever your name crops up in a conversation, they would immediately talk about the impressive things from your wedding. What is more needed than the compliments of people about the magnificent wedding that you had?
royal palace wedding

Memories preserved beautifully

When you have a royal palace wedding, the photos and videos from the wedding would be so irresistibly beautiful that when you look back at the photos after some years, you would feel nothing but content and pure happiness. The majestic palace with the crafty decorations will imprint some memorable pictures to be cherished forever.
royal palace wedding

Stunning wedding attires

Wedding attires are as important as the choice of the location itself. To match the exquisite wedding you have, your wedding attires have to be equally stunning, that the people who see you at the wedding will feel like a prince and a princess are getting married!
royal palace wedding
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Mouth-watering varieties of food

The impressive part about any wedding is food. The vast assortment of food in a wedding is one of the main things that every guest eagerly looks forward to. From the regional Indian cuisines to Continental to Chinese with the artistic vegetable carvings, the tasty ranges of food is something that will be hard to resist and forget.
royal palace wedding
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Your marriage is a festival to all

The guests in your marriage will never feel bored. Because of the grandeur wedding, they are in, their spirits will lift up and they would feel like they are also a part of a huge celebration.
royal palace wedding
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All the dancing

When people get into the excited mode, there is no stopping them! With the right music, people will start to groove to the happy songs and soon enough, from a six-year-old to an eighty-year-old, everybody will be enjoying themselves. Your wedding will turn into a party for all, with the to-be-married couples (that’s you!) as the centre of attraction!
royal palace wedding

Lots of pre-wedding ceremonies

The fun of the 'Haldi' ceremonythe entertainment from the 'Sangeet' ceremonythe artistic 'Mehendi' ceremonyand the glorious Engagement ceremony would cheer everyone up and makes everyone look forward with elation to the weddingNot only is your wedding grand, it is preceded by a number of pre-wedding ceremonies which will look like a marvellous ceremony in itself.
royal palace wedding

The exemplary wedding decorations

A ‘royal palace wedding’ is not ‘royal’ without the ravishing decorations that are the life of a wedding. The decorations are an important part of the wedding to give that awe factor. The decorations can be trendy according to the season of the wedding that imparts a new and refreshing feel to the palace.
royal palace wedding

Invite anyone and everyone

The biggest dilemma is to decide the wedding list, to see who to compromise on. But, in a royal palace wedding, you don’t need to be stingy on your guests’ list. You can even invite the remotely connected family member and that old friend your mother once met in the market. No drops and no compromises in the guests’ list are needed.
royal palace wedding

Decorated in invaluable jewellery

To add glamour and gorgeousness to the beautiful bride, she is adorned in precious, elegant jewellery that shines and sparkles to give an extra glow to her. The trendy jewellery will be ‘oohed' and ‘aahed' and, taken as a model for the future brides.
royal palace wedding


One word, ‘gifts’, is enough to bring a joy in everyone’s face! It is a big happiness to go through all the gifts and to soak in the merriment of it. In a royal palace wedding, the range of gifts will be in a match with the grand celebration, and it is always a welcoming delight when we get gifts in large proportions.
royal palace wedding

The wedding will look like a shot from a movie set

Our ideal, dream wedding is something like the weddings from the sets of a Karan Johar movie. What is more similar than a royal palace wedding to satisfy our greatest desire in life!
royal palace wedding

Famous performers on stage

Famous singers, dancers or other performers, you could have them all! The entertainment provided by them will be nothing short of an authentic Bollywood performance. The celebrities will add a special lining to the beautiful wedding.
royal palace wedding

Return gifts will become a rage

Return gifts that you give back to the guests will be something unique and will remind them of your wedding. The return gifts will be so worthy and impressive that your return gifts can become a new rage!

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Weekend Getaways Around Delhi NCR To Relax And Rejuvenate This Weekend

Is your job getting too stressful? OR You’re getting married next month? OR did you just get married and all the blissful chaos has overwhelmed you? OR just a regular Saturday-ing idea, no matter what situation you are in, everybody deserves a weekend of sunbathing by the pool, a margarita with breakfast, hot shower before bed and relaxing to the very core. We present to you 7 cool weekend getaways around Delhi which will take your Monday blues away:

1) Stay at Fort Unchagaon resort

For a perfect weekend break with the family, choose to stay at the fort for a lovely stay. Located in Uttar Pradesh at a distance of 115 km from Delhi, it is one of the most famous resorts around Delhi.
Sprawling across 7 acres, surrounded by mango orchards, this resort houses 23 spacious rooms with Heritage King size living and bedrooms. There are 21 spacious villas and 2 family suites.
There are three different packages available viz; CP- with breakfast, MAP- with breakfast and dinner, APAI- with all meals. A load of activities are also present like bullock cart ride, archery, pottery making, and village walks or outdoor games such as cricket, volleyball, football, croquet, badminton etc.

2) Surjivan Resort, Manesar

Located just at a distance of 34 km from Delhi, Surjivan Resort is another one of many amazing resorts around Delhi to have a memorable weekend with family or your loved one.
The resort has 14 cottages which are equipped with all the modern day facilities.
What makes this among our weekend getaways around Delhi perfect is the list of activities to indulge in here: Rain Dance, Water splash pool with Music and DJ, Mud pool with Music and DJ, Camel Safari, Tractor Ride, Para Gilding, and Zorbing.

3) Heritage village resort and spa

Located at a distance of 43 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Heritage Villa has a luxurious Rajasthani feel attached to it to provide you with the most relaxing weekend vibe.  
Swimming pool and a relaxing spa are included, of course. (yay)


4) The Westin Sohna Resort- 64 KM from Delhi

Surround yourself with nature and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and water bodies at the Westin Sohna Resort. Its features include a range of spa treatments, retail therapy at shops and kids can have their share of fun too at the Westin kids club and a children’s pool.

5) Neemrana fort palace

Another amazing location for a perfect weekend outing is Neemrana fort palace located at a distance of 119 km from Delhi. A beautiful fort turned into a hotel, it has two hanging gardens, two pools, ayurvedic spa experience and the whole place has a cosy feeling attached to it.
The cultural performances in the evening add to the unique charm of this among our weekend getaways around Delhi. They've also got a nook full of some cute handicrafts for sale. For a warm and relaxing outing this weekend, turn to Neemrana and its chill vibe.

6) The Tree House Resort

This nature-loving resort in Jaipur is yet another location to help ease your mind and relax in the lap of Mother Nature. Indulge in a session of various indoor and outdoor games with friends and family or refresh yourself while completing a few lapses of swim in the pool inside the premises
To make the stay more delightful, explore the lovely city on a cycle and have a fun-filled and relaxing stay.