Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Beautiful Hair and Glowing Skin Care Tips During Monsoon

The immunity level of the body drops during monsoon. Several infections take place, leading to a number of diseases related to various systems. Indigestion, dysentery, typhoid or other respiratory problems like common cold, cough and asthma and even skin problems like eczema, rashes, prickly heat boils and pimples, spread wild during this season.
So here are some,
Glowing Skin Care Tips for the Upcoming Joy Bringing Monsoons
Your valuables-Skin and hair cannot be left behind to face the harsh treatment of this moist humid rainy weather. So, follow these face beauty tips/ for your monsoon wellness.

For Dry Skin Type

Glowing Skin Care tips

Dryness is a direct result of lack of vitamins which help in repairing, dry and damaged skin. It also means that skin is not properly hydrated. One must drink as much water as one can. Water not only rehydrates our body but also flushes out the toxins.
Moisturising your skin frequently is another must. This will increase the hydrations levels of the outer layer of your skin, making it soft and supple. Rose water and glycerine can also be used to keep your skin healthy this monsoon.

Oily Skin Care Tips

Oily skin is mainly due to hormonal changes which are genetically determined. Not much can be done to bring about a permanent change, but the little care that you take of the skin will change the way it looks or feels.
Washing your face almost 3 to 4 times a day will get you rid of the excess oil.
Facial scrubs should be used regularly-  unclogging your pores and also exfoliating your skin through the removal of the dead cell layers from it. Natural scrubs are always preferred over chemical based ones.
Home remedies such as packs made from besan and milk, or lemon and honey are inexpensive and naturally rejuvenate your skin and keep it fresh and glowing, and are cheaper and better than going to the beauty parlour.
Hot water, rather than cold or lukewarm water will help in dissolving the oil in the skin better, leaving it supple and soft.
Glowing Skin Care tips

Combination Skin Type

Combinations of oily and dry skin should be taken extra care. The dry parts should be cleaned as well as moisturised regularly while the oily part should be cleaned, scrubbed and toned so as to match the dry skin type. Keep a note of these glowing skin care tips/beauty tipsand the humidity and rain shall not spoil your monsoon get-up.

Top Hair Care Tips in Monsoon

Monsoon, bringing humidity creates itchiness on the scalp. Warm coconut oil massage will readily help you to get rid of the itchiness. In the case of dandruff in the scalp, massaging with neem oil is a brilliant natural therapy. Aplava Coupons are handy if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.
Preventing the hair from getting drenched in rain is a priority, although if does get wet, shampoo and leave it to dry.Monsoon season demands a good quality conditioner after a mild shampoo.

Hair Colouring Should be Avoided in the Rainy Season

Natural products are better (preferably home-made) than chemical laden shampoos in rains, as they help maintain the shine and natural look of the hair. Nykaa Offers will help you get quite a few products in case you are out of options.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How To Make Your Indian Wedding Entry Memorable

To be a bride is one of the most exhilarating yet tough tasks. You are under constant scrutiny and the spotlight is always on you. Apart from the attire of the bride, one of the most awaited things is her entry on the D-day. To ease your confusion we bring to you the 10 best ideas for a memorable Indian wedding entry.

1. Conventional Chaadar

The simple yet graceful wedding entry. You can never go wrong with this one. Be it flowers, lights or kaleeras you can add your own touch to the chaadar thus the conventional style with a twist.This style looks best with dark surroundings.
Image Source:

2. Age Old Paalki

In the age of modern cars and bikes, the tradition of Paalki has been forgotten. But you can enter like a queen by reviving this tradition. For girls who always wanted to be a princess, why not experience it once.
Image Source:

3. Horse Carriage

Why should boys have all the fun? If the groom can enter on a horse why should the bride stay behind? A horse drawn carriage is the perfect solution for this. So sit back and enjoy the ride.
Image Source:

4. Ishtylish Entry

The days of shy brides with huge ghoongats and lowered eyes have long gone. Nowadays brides prefer to make an entry with swag and what better way than on a bike. Either your brother can drive the bike while you sit at the back or you yourself can ride it there. Now that will surely make heads turn.
Image Source:

5. Rickshaw Magic

Your brother or cousin driving a rickshaw while you sit at the back and dance makes for a rocking Indian wedding entry. Enjoy the jaw dropping reactions.
Image Source: Pinterest

6. Oh So Cute Entry

For the cuteness factor make your niece or nephew announce your entry with a placard. Make the placards cute or hilarious as you want it to be. Also, your niece can act like a flower girl spraying petals as you walk in.
Image Source:

7. Dramatic Entry

Everyone has seen a staircase entry in one or the other movie. So, why not add this touch of drama to your wedding entry. As you descend down the stairs everyone will be able to see you and help you in flaunting the dress you spent so much on.
Image Source:

8. Dazzle With Sparkles

Make your siblings, friends, and cousins hold sparkles or phooljhadis as you enter the wedding. As soon as the sparkles light up it will make the ambience astounding and the celebrations even better.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Significance of Saat Phere (Saptapadi) in the Hindu Marriage

significance of saat phere
According to the Hindu beliefs, marriages are made in heaven and once the marriage is performed, the two souls are joined for seven lifetimes. The significance of Saat Phere in the Hindu customs and rituals cannot be ignored. Saat Phere also is known as Saptapadi are the circumambulations or rounds around the sacred fire and is one of the most important rituals in Hindu marriage ceremony and seven vows are the seven promises that the couple makes to each other for happy and prosperous life.  Without performing these rituals any Hindu marriage is incomplete. The significance of Saat Phere is that it sanctifies the union and affords social recognization to the marriage.    
On the wedding day, the bride and groom sit under the mandap. The sacred fire is lighted along with the chanting of mantras by the pandit or priest. The corner of bride's saree and groom's Uttariya are tied together in a sacred knot by the pandit. The bride and the groom are asked to stand up. Then they take seven circumambulations around the sacred fire and utter different vows to each other. Furthermore, the bride sits on left of the groom before the Pheras and on right once they are done. Hence, let's take a look at the significance of Saat Phere in the Hindu marriage.
Significance of Saat Phere

Significance of Saat Phere

Saptapadi Phera One

In the first Phera groom vows “Om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman”. Which means 'You will offer me food and be helpful in every way possible. I will appreciate you and give welfare and happiness to you and our children’.
The bride agrees and vows "Dhanam dhanyam pade vadet". Which signifies ‘I am in control of the home, entire family, food and financial responsibilities'. Concisely, the bride and groom vow each other prosperity by satisfying their respective parts in their lives’.

Saptapadi Phera Two

In the second Phera groom vows “Om oorje jara dastayaha”. By this, he means ‘Together we will ensure the welfare of our family, home and our children from all arduous situations’.
The bride agrees and in return vows “Kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam”. Which signifies ‘I will be with you at all times as your strength and I will provide you with support, courage and power. I will be happy to your happiness. In return, you will love me completely’.
significance of saat phere

 Saptapadi Phera Three

In the third Phera groom vows “Om rayas Santu joradastayaha”. By this, he means ‘May we become rich and prosperous. I shall look upon all other women as my sisters. Together, we will teach our children and may they live long and healthy life’.
In return, the bride vows, “Tava bhakti as vadedvachacha”. Which signifies ‘I will only love and adore you for my entire life, as you are now my husband. Every other man in my life will be secondary. I vow to remain chaste and support you in every step of our life’.

Saptapadi Phera Four

For the fourth Phera groom vows, “Om mayo bhavyas jaradastaya ha”. By this, he means ‘You have brought auspiciousness and sacredness into my life. May we be blessed with obedient and virtuous, children. May they live long’.
In return, the bride vows, “Lalayami cha pade vadet”. Meaning, ‘I will shower you with joy, from head to toe. I will do my best to please you in every way I can’.
significance of saat phere

Saptapadi Phera Five 

In the fifth Phera groom vows “Om prajabhyaha Santu jaradastayaha”. By this, he means ‘ You are my best friend now, and faithful well-wisher.  You have come into my life, enhancing it. May God bestow his blessing on you’. 
To this, the bride vows, “Arte arba sapade vadet”.  Meaning  ‘My Lord, I will share all of your happiness and sorrows. Your love will make me trust and honour you. I will carry out all your wishes’.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

10 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs for Your Wedding Day

    Image Source:
The bridal lehenga is always the first thing we look at in every wedding album. After all, each one of those bridal lehenga designs is unique in their own way. Every girl dreams of her bridal lehenga design from a fairly young age. So, all the brides-to-be and every other girl who would love to take a look at some wonderful creations, this is for you!

Here are some stunning bridal lehenga designs that should be on every bride’s list. 

  1. The classic red

Red Bridal Lehenga Designs

Image Source-

Take inspiration from this beautiful Sabyasachi Lehenga. This looks like a perfect bridal lehenga for just anyone. And of course, not to miss the awesome golden work that makes it look so elegant and royal.

2. Pomegranate pink bridal lehenga

If you want something different then, this is the one to go for. This gorgeous bridal lehenga design has heavy golden embroidery on it with a light pink dupatta which makes it, even more, *pretty*!

3. The floral lehenga

A floral lehenga on your wedding day is only for the bold and daring. Just like this bride who wore an off white lehenga with floral pattern all over it. You can choose this kind of bridal lehenga if you want something out of the box and trendy. It is paired with a beautiful pink dupatta making it very different from others.

4. Mint green

Mint Green Bridal Lehenga Designs

Image Source-

Mint Green looks great during the day, and if you’re ready to be very different, then don’t shy away from this colour.This bridal lehenga has very beautiful golden embroidery all over it which gives it a very fresh look.

5. Mix and match

Mixed colours Bridal Lehenga Designs

Bridal lehenga designs that are a mix of all colours bright and vibrant is definitely the new *trend* this year. Designer Nishka Lulla Mehra has beautifully mixed neon pink and blue with hints of green and gold. So, this is something very new and refreshing.

6. Go green

Dark Green Bridal Lehenga Designs

Image Source-

Now, green bridal lehenga designs might not seem a good idea at first but this is sure to go for especially in a winter wedding. Take inspiration from this bridal lehenga design right here, which has such heavy and beautiful embroidery all over it. This lehenga has an amazing pattern and the colour is just so warm.

7. Refreshing blue

Blue Bridal Lehenga Design

5 Shades Of Love- A Secret To Perfect Bridal Lehenga Colour

Weddings are the most pompous and extravagant affairs in India. From cocktails to “mehendi” and from “sangeet” to “pheras” everything is very much vibrant and colourful. A wedding is the most important part of every girl’s life. It is a day that she has dreamt for the years. Weddings are the transformation of a girl towards womanhood- a woman who is powerful and resilient. Thus in this transformation process, everything should just be perfect; Be it dresses, makeup, ceremonies, decor or anything. To make a right decision regarding which kind of lehengas and colours to choose is indeed a very difficult task. As every bride wants to look best on her ‘D’ day, this blog will provide you with a guide to on how to select the perfect bridal lehenga colour for your dream day.

 5 Bridal Lehenga C0lours This Wedding Season To Look Upon

The Energizing Yellow

bridal lehenga colour

Source: Pinterest
One cannot definitely go wrong with Yellow in this sultry summer. Yellow is divine, powerful and has all the elements of creating a positive aura as you ramp walk the “pheras”. Complement this colour of your wedding lehenga with minimalistic flower, “Kundan” or gold accessories to flaunt a perfect style statement. So, just go for yellow as your bridal lehenga colour and craft your lehenga in graceful fabrics like silk, georgette and satins to be the lovely bride. Also, you can pair up the colour with the soothing shades of white, green, blue and pink.

The Glamorous Grey

bridal lehenga colour

Source: Sabyasachi,s LFW Finale, 2016
Greys have entered into the vogue this year to add an extra glamour to weddings. Many of you might be unsure of carrying your lehenga in the shades of grey, though you will make the jaws drop and head turned in this flamboyant bridal lehenga colour. Stone grey or icy grey would be a great choice. To give a traditional touch, you can pair your lehenga with the colours like yellow, blue, pink, etc. 

The Rejuvenating Green

bridal lehenga colour

Source: Pakistan Fashion Bridal Couture Week,2015
Green is the colour for every reason and season. This colour is always considered to be refreshing and calming. You can soothe your senses in this hectic wedding season by choosing pleasant hues of green for your bridal attire. The lehengas designed by some famous Indian designers like Riddhi Mehra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, etc. would leave you to crush and admire those lehengas for all good reasons. Flower motifs in “Gota work”, “Lucknowi work”, “Metalwork”, etc will create a perfect wedding outfit. 

 The Bold Brown

bridal lehenga colour

                                            Source: Riddhi Mehra Lakme Fashion Week, 2017

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