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Travel Hacks You Must Follow to Make Your Journey Memorable

Quite often the most unpleasant point of travel is long and excruciating or fast and unproductive preparation. In order not to forget anything and not to take anything extra on your trip, you need to prepare a list of things in advance. We have prepared some travel hacks for you.

Smartest Travel Hacks You Should Follow: 


1) Scan or just take a photo of your passport and driver’s license or other important documents. If in any case, you lost your passport, you will be able to quickly prove your identity to the police.
2) It is better to carry a copy of your documents in an unknown city and lock its originals in a safe of a hotel.
3) Take a screenshot of the routes of different places (how to get to your hotel, find a museum, etc.). It is always better to have a route handy all the time so that you don't have to depend on the Internet.


1) The main rule here among the travel hacks: Everything heavy should be put down.
2) Don’t take the whole wardrobe with you. Take easily combined clothes.
3) Even if you are a very big fashionista, don’t put a lot of jeans or dresses into your suitcase. It is better to take more accessories that occupy a bit of space and help to re-play the same outfit in a new way.
4) We advise you to roll clothes into tubes. There are two benefits of this technique, first, doing so you will save a lot of space. Second, you will not have the rumpled clothes.
5) Shoes may weigh a lot and take a lot of space in a bag or a suitcase. So it is better to take only one pair of shoes that could be used with almost any clothes. For example, sneakers or ballet shoes.
6) Take a pillow, earplugs and a mask for your eyes so that noise and light can’t disturb you.
7) Attach a tag having your contact number and email address to your luggage in case the suitcase gets lost.

Personal Hygiene Items

1) Don’t take shower gel, shampoo, sunscreen, etc. You can purchase it on the spot.
2) Buy toothpaste in a small tube.
3) Take shampoo and a soap from the hotel – generally, they are miniature and may come in handy while travelling or on your next trip.


1) A mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a camera – all these gadgets have to be charged. Imagine that you come to Eastern Europe to meet local girls. As an element of flirting, you’ll want to take a photo with one of them. It will be unpleasant if you won’t be able to do this because of low battery.
2) Never put your mobile phone in your suitcase! If a flight is delayed or you lose your suitcase, you will be left without connection.
3) Change the mode of your smartphone and tablet to Airplane mode. If you don’t need a constant mobile communication in the journey, then use Airplane mode and use normal mode only when you need to call or be online.
4) An old case for glasses will serve as an excellent container for any cables.
5) Take an adapter with you (it is perfect if it is suitable for several devices). If you travel abroad, we advise you to check in advance whether you need adapters for your devices.
6) If you are not a fan of reading on the road, take care of films, serials, games and music in advance. It should be enough for long flights, night travels on buses and train delays.


Leave a little space in your suitcase for a case if you buy some souvenirs. You will not have to throw away some of your personal belongings or pay for overweight at the airport.


Don’t forget to make sure that you have small local money, not just $100 bills. It may be difficult to change.

The golden rule of a traveller

If you are going on a short trip, try to take a hand luggage only, if it is possible. Doing so you can immediately leave the airport after passport control, and don’t have to spend an extra hour to get your suitcases. And also you will not lose your luggage.

From top to toe

Check whether you took everything. Try to imagine yourself from top to toe. You won’t forget anything while doing so.
We hope these travel hacks will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Happy travelling.

Why it is Important to Fulfil Your Special Wish on Your Wedding?

Well, everyone has their own set of wishes for their D-day. However, not every wish can come true and even if they come, one may not get the results he/she had desired. But there is always that one special wish which everyone has and wants it to get fulfilled at any cost. Would you go the extra mile to fulfil your special wish?
However, in my case, the one wedding wish which I don't want to remain unfulfilled is, to spend lavishly on my honeymoon rather than on marriage or other materialistic things (Well that's a personal choice, no offence here). According to me, a perfect exotic honeymoon is the best way through which one can connect with their partner which is the basic necessity to strengthen a marriage. An understanding of each other is required during this precious time because one always wants their first honeymoon to become a well-catalogued memory where an emotional, mental and physical bond developed would last lifelong.

So, spending the right and quality time in some world class tourist destinations would certainly become a blissful memory to cherish. There is a lot of difference in holding the hands of your partner during the marriage as demanded by the rituals and holding them when they actually want your presence and support to begin their life with you.
A honeymoon spent in some lush green exotic island or cold and charming mountains of Europe would certainly connect you with nature and can give you more serene moments when compared to a world class metro city where a honeymoon just becomes a shopping spree.

A honeymoon is not just a tour but it is the first step in comprehending the temperament of your better-half because the actual nature of an individual can only be understood during this free and intimate moment and this nature would determine how one needs to adjust, change or sacrifice their behavioural habit in order to continue a happy, blissful married life.

So if you are planning to get married soon and are unable to fulfil your special wish which could not only be an exotic honeymoon but also a candid photo shoot, jewellery, dresses etc., due to financial constraints, you would be pleased to know that Tata Capital has announced to help to-be-wed couples fulfil their one wish that would take their wedding experience to the next level with its Tata Capital Wedding Loan. Most of the time, affording that one wish becomes overbearing on your wedding budget, which leaves the wish unfulfilled. But not now, as you can fulfil your special wish and make your special day even more special with that one thing that works as the icing on the cake.
Visit Tata Capital Wedding Loan Website to apply and fill in relevant details, along with the wedding wish. After a careful analysis of your profile, Tata Capital will process your loan.
You can share your special wish which you want to get fulfilled on your wedding at any cost🙂

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Indian Flavoured Drinks For Cocktail Party

The most anticipated day at some of the weddings ought to the cocktail and dance night. It is supposed to one of the most amazing, unforgettable night the couple has together as bachelor and bachelorette. Celebrating this night by having some drinks with your friends and close ones make it so much more special than any other night. Everyone is allowed to let go of their wedding stress and just drink and dance the night away during the cocktail party. Now, for supposedly the "most looked forward to'' night you can have the mainstream mojitos, margaritas, and kamikaze shots or spice up the menu with some Indian touch and bold flavors. More exciting the flavors the more fun it is for the guests and you. Here are some amazing  Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party that are unique and perfect.

1) Chai-tini

 Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party

Inspired by the regular morning routine drink and everyone's favorite- CHAI! Who knew one could make a cocktail out of it by mixing some Godiva, Vanilla Vodka, of cream and the very amazing spiced sugar syrup that has brown sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger in it. This drink definitely sets the bar very high for the 'favorite cocktail' on your wedding. So do not miss your evening Chai with this dirtier version of a martini called the Chai-tini. 

2) Rose Lemon Spritzer

 Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party

The refreshing rose flavor has its own special place in every India's taste bud palate. This among our Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party is certain to be loved by your guests and the beautiful vibrant pink color that the drink has will be a great accessory in everyone's hands. Just combine some rose water, vodka, tad bit of honey, lime juice and pomegranate juice in a blender and get these rose lemon spritzer going around the house. You can serve it separately in glasses and garnish with beautiful rose petals or keep a big transparent cooler dispenser full of this beautiful pink cocktail everyone deserves to have unlimited sips off!

3) Rose-ito

 Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party

More rose? Yes, please. This is one of the "Rooh Afza" lovers. Just another rose drink but with a combination of different flavors. The most loved mojito has a better, more desi replacement that needs to be the star of your cocktail party. It is going to be fragrant, yummy and beautiful looking. Mix some Rooh Afza, lime juice, mint leaves and rum together to get this beautiful rose-ito together. To add the fizz top the mixture with club soda and voila. This is going to create an ombre effect on your drink and then you can add some more mint leaves on the top to make the whole rose-ito blossom.

4) Jamun-tini

 Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party

Jamun-tinis as their name says are going to consist the flavor of Jamun which is yum! Indian cocktail at its best, make this by adding London dry gin with a few jamuns, lime juice, and sugar syrup. Present it in a salt rimmed cocktail glass and have all these amazing flavors come together in your mouth. If you are in a mood for some shots then you can even mix these ingredients in shots proportions and serve it in salt-rimmed shot glasses and call it purple haze haha. 

5) Tamarind Margarita

 Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party

Nothing speaks tangy and spicy louder than Imli! So why not make a margarita out of this lovely flavor? To cut all the sweetness from the other cocktails, here comes a cocktail among our Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party that is bound to be loved by your guests. Vodka on the rocks + a splash tamarind served in a salt and chili rimmed glass. Loving the sound of yet? I'm sure you'll love it more at your cocktail party. Have some fun with the tangy tamarind margarita. Add some chocolate covered strawberries along with spicy drinks like this which will act as a great chaser snack. 

6) Raw Mango Maaza

 Indian flavoured drinks for cocktail party

Speaking of tangy how can we miss another super loved India flavor of MANGO. The very word 'MANGO' excites each one of us. Why not add more excitement and "Maaza" to Mango? Now you can do so at your cocktail party by making an amazing concoction of raw mango pulp, bit of mango juice, orange juice, dried ginger chunks and some mango pepper flavored vodka. If the drink taste too bold, add some club soda to it and enjoy the fizzy tangy spice of this drink. Thanks to flavored liquor this drink is just a mind blowing Indian cocktail.

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4 Best Offbeat Bridal Lehenga Ideas For Summer

Bridal Lehenga Ideas For Summer
So what if the summer in our country is not as pleasant as the other countries? We are sure that our brides are able to beat the heat and set themselves in a perfect summer look to rock the wedding aisle.  What makes us say so? Well, we have a few ultra-gorgeous latest bridal lehenga ideas for summer that are minimalist but perfect for a summer special wedding. They are subdued yet cheerful, contemporary yet ethnic and are the right blend of glitz and poise. If you are planning to get hitched in a summer month, then this article would be the ideal place for you to draw some major inspirations. So, read on!

Ethnicity with a touch of contemporary

Bridal Lehenga Ideas For Summer

Well, that could be the best way to describe this beautifully designed lehenga for summer. Besides being a trendy, modern bride, if you want to carry your traditional style as well on the wedding night, then nothing can come close to this stunning lehenga. Right from the sorbet color to the exquisite silver zari design with a pop of subtle meenakari makes this attire a right choice for the summer brides. Moreover, its off-shoulder blouse has added a twist to the style and is sure to lend the necessary comforts in the heat.

Who says red is not the colour for summer?

Bridal Lehenga Ideas For Summer

Will you still believe that red is not the color for summer after looking at this lehenga? The right blend of glamour and poise of this bridal lehenga has doubled the elegance of the colour red without making it ultra loud and dazzling. In addition, the multicolour floral motif all over the skirt has added a charm to the attire and the off-shoulder shimmery blouse has taken it to a whole new level. So, all the brides-to-be who are still indecisive about wearing red in summer and thinking about bridal lehenga ideas for summer just go ahead and pick an elegant piece of red lehenga for your D-Day to give a pleasant stunt to your guests.

Play around with more colours

Bridal Lehenga Ideas For Summer

We believe that wedding is the most important event of life and thus, the brides have every right to experiment with their trousseau and style (definitely without ignoring the tradition and culture). So, do not hesitate to play around with colours even if you are getting married in one of the scorching summer months. You can team a royal blue skirt embellished with a multi-coloured floral design with a pitch colour off-shoulder cape style blouse to exhibit your unique style. To enhance it further accessorize it with trendy jewellery and steal the spotlight of the D-Day.

If you still want to stick to a light hue

Bridal Lehenga Ideas For Summer

Well, it’s absolutely fine if you still want to stick to a light shade of bridal lehenga choli. After all, it’s your D-Day and your wish should be our command. So, we have carefully handpicked a pitch colour lehenga adorned with intricate bronze zari work all over the skirt and the blouse. While light and sophisticated hue of the lehenga will add a touch of finesse to your summer bridal look, on one hand, its muted zari work will reflect your subtle style on the other. To add a further bling, go ahead and pair it with a statement set of jewellery and create the necessary impression all around.
So our dear readers, do let us know how did you find our bridal lehenga ideas for summer in the comment section as we are open to any ideas/ suggestions/improvements.

Most Famous Celebrity Weddings Around The World In 2016

Celebrity weddings are talked about all around the world, and why would they not? It’s such a euphoric environment in all, surrounded by stars, shredding off every bit of glam that there is. The year 2016 witnessed many love birds in the celebrity world tying the knot. 

Most Famous Celebrity Weddings of 2016

Let’s take a look back at some of the wonderful most famous celebrity weddings of 2016 from around the world which took place outside India – 

 1) Dianna Agron and Winston Marshall

The I Am Number Four, CSI: NY and former musical comedy-drama series Glee star Dianna Agron got hitched to the founder of British folk band Mumford & Sons Winston Marshall on the 15th of October in the breathtaking Morocco. A über-romantic destination wedding just adds to the charm. Dianna wore a Valentino gown and needless to say, looked stunning as ever in it!
most famous celebrity weddings of 2016

2) Karim El Chiaty and Ana Beatriz

The former Victoria's Secret Angel wed the businessman and art collector on July 8 in Mykonos, Greece. Ah, Greece. You can never go wrong with choosing that as your wedding destination, I tell you Beatriz donned a sheer Valentino dress with lace accents to say her vows in an outdoor ceremony filled with flowers.
most famous celebrity weddings of 2016

3) Russell Wilson and Ciara

The I Bet and Love Sex Magic singer married the  Seattle Seahawks quarterback  NFL player at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England, on July 6 in front of 100 friends and family members. Ciara wore a gown designed by Roberto Cavalli. To keep their wedding private, the couple banned guests from bringing cameras and cell phones. 
most famous celebrity weddings of 2016

4) Adam Rodriguez and Grace Gail

Best known for his long running role as Eric Delko on CSI: MiamiMagic Mike XXL star Adam Rodriguez married longtime love Grace Gail in a romantic ceremony in Tuscany, Italy, on May 2. The two share a daughter together, Frankie, born in 2014.
most famous celebrity weddings of 2016

5) Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Bastón 

Who can forget the Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria known for her role as Gabrielle Solis? She and media executive Jose Antonio Baston, the president of Televisa, tied the knot on May 21 in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, at the groom's lakeside home.
most famous celebrity weddings of 2016

6) Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci

The Flash  TV series and Scooby-Doo movie actor Robbie Amell and Designated Survivor actress Italia Ricci who is best known for  ABC Family series Chasing Life wed in downtown Los Angeles on Oct. 15 after eight years together.
most famous celebrity weddings of 2016

7) Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills stars Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick had a wedding ceremony on May 7 at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch outside of Los Angeles. The couple employed a clever hashtag for their nuptials: #fitzperfectly. Clever AND cute!
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17 Places To Explore When You Visit Singapore For Honeymoon

Planning to visit Singapore for honeymoon? You couldn’t make a better choice. This island city is nothing pure magic, with a plethora of both natural and manmade delights. Whether you want to enjoy spectacular displays of water and lights, or enjoy the delight of 100 beaches, or wonder amazed at sci-fi architecture, it’s all there.Singapore, the city of billion-dollar gardens, incredible hotels, fabulous retail joyrides and contemporary art awaits you and your love.

1.The Chocolate Bar

What spells romance better than chocolates? Explore the range of top-tier handcrafted desserts at the Cheese and Chocolate Bar in the Sands SkyPark hotel. Dip your almond biscotti into a decadent chocolate dip as you take in the views of the night sky from the 57th level. Mind you, it is one of the most famous attractions but not included in many Singapore tour packages. It's kept reserved for the newly married couples mostly.
visit singapore for honeymoon

2.Fort Canning 

Hold hands and walk amidst the lush greenery of the Fort Canning National Park. Study Singapore's history and indulge in gastronomic treats in the eateries along the trail. Take selfies in front of the Chesed-El Synagogue, Church of the Sacred Heart and other vintage buildings.
visit Singapore for honeymoon

3. Xiao Guilin 

The exotic Xiao Guilin walk in Bukit Batok Town Park is a known haunt of wedding photographers for its incredible landscaped views. Stop, take a breath, and relax for a while on your visit Singapore for honeymoon vacation next to the picturesque tranquil Xiao Guilin Lake amidst scenic green forests to renew your vows.
visit Singapore for honeymoon

4. Botanic Gardens 

Virgin rainforests and a most magnificent layout of orchids at the National Orchid Garden – could you ask for more if you plan to visit Singapore for honeymoon? Take plenty of pictures among the incredibly exotic orchids.The Corner House restaurant is the perfect place for a cozy nestle and some lovely treats.
visit Singapore for honeymoon

5. Mount Faber Park 

Cozy up in the cable car up to the top of Mount Faber, and get the most picturesque view of Singapore and its harbor. Take pictures of the moonlit Henderson Waves Bridge, and end your evening with a romantic dinner at the Jewel Box restaurant.Perfect!
visit Singapore for honeymoon

6. Marina Bay Sands 

A slow stroll along Marina Bay Sands, culminating in a fabulous laser light show with fire geysers and water jets is sure to take your breath away. End your evening with a delightful champagne dinner at the KU DÉ TA Club Lounge which offers 360-degree views of Singapore.
visit Singapore for honeymoon

7. Gardens by The Bay

Singapore vacations without visiting Gardens by the Bay is considered incomplete, irrespective of whether you’re a honeymooner, backpacker, or visiting with family. During the day, walk amongst the amazing native and exotic plants in this huge garden. At night, gaze up at the incredible sight of the manmade Supertrees, all lit up with multi-hued lights and looking otherworldly. The Gardens by the Bay literally spells the future of romance.
visit Singapore for honeymoon

8. Marine Life Park

Want to see over 100,000 different species of marine life housed in 45,000 liters of water: Head over to the S.E.A. Aquarium in Marine Life Park if you plan to visit Singapore for honeymoon. When you get your breath back, head over to the Adventure Cove waterpark for some fun water rides with your special lovey!
visit Singapore for honeymoon

9. Singapore Flyer

A romantic dusk hour and Asia's largest observation wheel is all lit up. What could be more romantic than a slow ride to the top, holding hands and enjoying the simply mind-blowing views of Singapore? Your experience on the Singapore Flyer will stay with you for years and years.
visit Singapore for honeymoon

10. Singapore River Cruise

Drift along the Clarke Quay in a slow-moving boat and enjoy simply amazing views of the Merlion and various historic elements. Enjoy a splendid view of the light shows at the Marina Bay Sands. A night cruise along the Singapore River is the very essence of romance.