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Rohan Mishra Photography: An Award Winning Chennai-Based Photographer

Talking about wedding photography, it's not just about photography but the overall experience you have with the photographer, right from the shoot till the delivery, which matters a lot. With the same mindset, Rohan Mishra Photography, the Chennai-based candid wedding photographers, have captured the beauty, the details, the emotions and most importantly the love stories of so many couples since their inception in the Indian wedding market.
We are happy to share their growth story with you, in this interview. So, grab your cup of coffee and stay with us right till the end 🙂

Wedamor – Pleased to have you here at Wedamor. So let's start by knowing a little about Rohan Mishra Photography, the people behind it and how it came into existence?
Rohan Mishra Photography – Thanks for inviting us over for the chat. We are Rohan and Puja, a husband + wife photography duo from Chennai. We tell the story of people in LOVE! Our passion for wedding photography is grounded in the pure joy of celebrating all the amazing and different forms of love which we get to see only in a wedding.
We love travelling — I remember those days when I had a Sony 8 MP Point and Shoot which I used to capture the beauty around.
It was then when my wife Puja sensed a keen interest in me towards photography, and finally, the day came when I got my first DSLR Nikon D3100 as my birthday gift. There was a whole new world that opened for me to explore and I left no stone unturned to take it to the next level.
After getting recognition on various Nature photography related platforms, I wanted to explore people photography and thought what can be a better option than shooting a wedding.
With Puja’s experience in advertising, styling, ideation and my command over the camera and lighting techniques, we decided to blend our common interests together to take it to the next level and that’s how “Rohan Mishra Photography” was born.
As time went on, we invested in our gear and were able to start taking up projects professionally. From there on, there was no looking back! Today we are happy to be able to say that we are amongst the few people who follow their passion and most importantly share the story of people in LOVE with the world!

Wedamor – As they say, follow your passion and the world will follow you. So, what inspired you to try wedding photography?
Rohan Mishra Photography – A wedding is a personal, romantic love story between two people. We love that we can showcase the love story of a couple on this magical day through our photography skills.
We love wedding photography since the essence of it is based on the depth of emotions, spontaneity, romance and authentic moments.
Wedamor – Indeed. Would you like to share the range of services you are offering and what makes you different from your competitors?
Rohan Mishra Photography – We have a creative team of individuals providing the best in class photography service across India. As far as the competition is concerned, being a couple gives us an edge over other photographers because we completely understand how big and important this particular event is for all couples.

Wedamor – You have covered a number of weddings from different parts of the country. Which one is your favourite?
Rohan Mishra Photography – All weddings are close to our heart and beautiful in their own ways. However, we would like to share the wedding story of Yusra & Shuja as every frame of this wedding was an absolute delight to witness.

Wedamor – Wow, we just witnessed some of the beautiful moments of this lovely couple. Is it difficult to show the chemistry between the couple on camera, especially in a case of arranged marriages?
Rohan Mishra Photography – It varies from couple to couple and to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera on their big day, we make sure we keep interacting with the couple on a regular basis as soon as they hire us. This helps them to open up and consider us more of their friends than photographers. Believe me, it makes a lot of difference which is very much evident in our imagery.

Wedamor – Which aspect of your work excites you the most?
Rohan Mishra Photography – Well… the best part of the wedding day is the small photo session with the couple in between the wedding ceremony. The real magic happens in those 10 minutes!

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Monday, 20 March 2017

What Not To Think Of Marriage? Hint: The End

We all have grown up hearing things like marriage is sacred, it’s something that changes our life, it’s something that makes us complete and a whole lot of other such things. The movies we grew up watching showcased the husband as Parmeshwar (God), the earner, and the lady as an underdog. It has consciously or unconsciously shaped what we think of marriage as grownups and unfortunately, a significant part of the generation in the contemporary world is scared of marriage just because of this ‘notion’ of marriage we have grown up with. All the time you ask people (in all good sense) if they want to get married, you get to hear ‘I don’t want to give up on this so soon’, ‘Aren’t you happy that I am living my life?’, and plenty of other things like that.


Why do we have this conception of marriage at all? If we have an issue with any aspect of the union, aren’t we the only people responsible for bringing a change? Marriage is beautiful only if you look at it without all the judgments people have against it and the typical ideologies that are being carried by it since times immemorial. Had it been a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t be writing this at all. I am not defending the motion just because I am happily married. But because I understand it from proximity and can bet that your marriage is entirely what you make out of it, not what others think about it or the society wants you to be.
Either you choose to crib about being married and no more this and that, or you build a home that defies the unacceptable facets of the primaeval married life. I weaved this blog around the concerns and issues people have against marriage and what they think of marriage in general. I am not in any sense guarding or attacking any particular group of people but my intention is to just try and bring out the essence we really miss out while judging the institution and the people getting into it.


Now, “I want to get settled first” is totally fine but as soon as it changes to “Marriage is my Careers’ end”, we need to look into this. This is mostly with women because as per the ancient belief, the woman is supposed to stay at home and cook for her family. If someone chooses to, there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you don’t choose it, it’s entirely your decision. It’s not the ancient world you are living in where you will be forced to end your career as soon as you get the title of ‘Mrs.’ with your name.
Look at it the other way. Your partner can be a real support system when you feel there’s nothing going right. There are so many success stories where a husband and a wife together managed to build something remarkable and agreed that they couldn’t have done this without each other. It’s not like you can’t do anything on your own, but having a partner can be counted as a bonus.


Mostly for guys, but this phrase can’t be stereotyped, both the genders think it to be true. Men think a wife would be too nosey and won’t let them go out with their friends, no more ‘only guys’ hangout, etc. etc. etc. But how about having one more friend who barely says no to any of your ‘probably flop’ plans? If you look at your life partner as a best friend and not as a surveillance camera, maybe you will get it right. Adding her to your friend group will probably just increase the fun? And you get another group of friends (her friends) too. Another Bonus! (I am not biased, same goes for the women out there too!).


On a very honest note, you don’t have to. If someone is marrying you for having his breakfast and dinner needs fulfilled, the person is wrong, not the institution. Don’t think of marriage like that. Though for some (including me and fortunately my husband) cooking is a hobby and something they willingly take interest in, some might not be comfortable with it. But it’s completely normal!


We are now so scared of marriage that even if someone we know is getting married we humorously say "Dude, that's the end of your life", and we never realize when the humor became a societal norm and affected someone’s view on life post marriage. What really matters is who we are choosing as our life partner. We don’t need to blame on the institution for what we think of marriage, we just need to get someone who compliments our thoughts and can lend a hand in balancing our boat through the ocean of life. Filmy enough? Well, that’s how it is but it’s wonderful and it’s your own movie so you get to cast the right people, direct it to the story you want, and instead of “The End”, let it be “Happily ever after…”

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10 Best Bridal Lehenga Designers In India For 2017

The wedding season is here and with it, there are so many new outfit styles from crop top skirts, to lehengas, kurtas, shararas and more…the wedding outfit style sure has changed since the past few months. So in case, you're a bride to be, planning your wedding and wondering which outfit style and which designer would suit your taste, I am here to help you with these 10 best bridal lehenga designers in India.


So, let's start with one of the most popular master who never disappoints their fans:


No list is ever complete without including the bridal couture master, Sabyasachi. The latest collection, The Udaipur collection which is the spring couture 2017 for brides and grooms was unveiled on 25th February, and there has been a roar about the collection ever since.
From saffrons to red, turquoise and ivory shade outfits, one can see an array of wedding outfits fit for everyone starting from the bride, groom to the family of the couple as well. The collection consists of tulle lehengas which are perfect for the sister of the bride look, and some gorgeous tulle embroidered sarees which are classic pieces to own.
The designer has never failed to impress and is surely amongst the best bridal lehenga designers in India. If you're wondering whether this designer is way too pricey, you might just be wrong. Want to know what aSabyasachi outfit costs?


From raw silk bridal lehengas ornamented with intricate Zardosi embroidery to floral pita embroidery, Shyamal & Bhumika's latest bridal collection has something for every bride. In colour of red, maroons to dark plums and pinks…the collection is absolutely stunning.
If delicate floral embroidery work in monotone lehenga colour is to your liking, then you're going to love the designer duo's collection. Check out the entire collection here.


Anita Dongre showcased her latest collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017. Her show was the finale show and had beautiful lehengas and anarkali lacchas in gold, ivory, and white. Her trademark gotta patti designs and motifs is a favourite amongst all brides to be. Her outfits are definitely priced on the premium side, but if you love the design, you have to deal with the price.

Now, who doesn't love a Manish Malhotra Lehenga? We all know he is one of the best bridal lehenga designers in India and is favourite amongst several Bollywood stars and is soon becoming a hot favourite amongst brides as well. What I love about his collections are that every season he comes up with something very different, very fresh.

Which outfit is your favourite?


If you are looking for an Indo-Western or a modern version of pure Indian traditions then she is the right choice. A down to earth lady who has promoted long forgotten Indian craftwork in her fashion. Her work has been presented at the Hyères fashion festival in Paris, Lakme Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week. Anju Modi has pushed boundaries with her latest project in Indian movies Goliyon Ki Raasleela – Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani, both of them which featured Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. She has also been nominated for Marie Claire’s ‘Best Indian Designer’ in 2010 and for Marie Claire’s made in India Awards – Special Honours category “Best Craft Revival”.


Tarun Tahiliani is an ace bridal couture specialist who has dressed up the crème de la crème of Bollywood celebrities. He is a regular on the Indian fashion circuit and is known for his extravagant bridal outfits. If you are looking to wear something extraordinary, one of a kind wedding outfit pieces, then Tarun Tahiliani needs to be your designer.

Rohit Bal is a popular couture designer quite famous in the fashion circuit. But off late, his wedding and especially bridal designs are becoming quite popular amongst the masses as well. His last collection at Lakme Fashion Week titled “Koroshini” was a stunner show with an array of wedding lehengas, jackets, floor lengthAnarkalis taking the bridal fashion by storm.
He is one of the crème de la crème designers out there, and if your budget is above 2 lakhs for a wedding lehenga, you should definitely check out his collection.

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Anushree Reddy has taken the bridal fashion by storm. Ever since her trademark floral lehengas were showcased the first time, every bride's desire is to wear her bridal outfits in one of their wedding functions. Not too expensive, and girly as hell, her outfits are perfect for preceding functions, sister of the bride look and even for the wedding main function look.

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Vivah Moments: Creating Wedding Moments With Love

After working as a photographer in the fashion and advertising industry, Ashish switched to wedding photography when he realised that there is a shortage of good wedding photographers. He wanted to create and share his artwork for the world to admire and weave magic around the beauty of various ceremonies we have in most of our Indian weddings. We are pleased to share his journey and how Vivah Moments entered and grown into the Indian wedding market.

Wedamor – Glad to have you here at Wedamor. Well, our readers would love to know about Vivah Moments and how it was founded?

Vivah Moments – Vivah Moments was founded by Ashish Nagpal in 2011. Since 2014, it is being managed by the husband and wife duo, Ashish and Swati Nagpal. It consists of a team of 7 people which includes photographers, cinematographers, designers & video editors.
“Initially, I worked as a photographer in the advertising and fashion industry. Back then, a close friend of mine got married; the wedding was grand and very beautiful but the photographs and videos that came after were not very appealing. The photographers were not doing enough justice to the photographs. At that time, not many good photographers were willing to shoot weddings and hence, there were very few good wedding photographers available. It was then, that I decided to come into wedding photography and this is how Vivah Moments was born”.

Wedamor – Good to know that you came this far. So, what was the source of inspiration behind which forced you to try wedding photography and how you find it different from the normal photography?

Vivah Moments – In normal photography, you get ample time to adjust the lighting, the frame, the composition, according to you. Basically, you can alter the whole frame to get the perfect picture. But, in wedding photography, you need to be spontaneous, you need to anticipate the moments and be well prepared in advance. You need to be alert as you are capturing real emotions and there will be no retakes.

Wedamor – Briefly describe the services you are offering and what makes you different from your competitors?
Vivah Moments –  Our services include Candid photography, Portrait photography, Cinematography, Pre-wedding photography and music videos.
As far as competition is concerned, our work speaks for itself. Every photographer has a unique style and thus, can’t be compared. Our wedding films can arouse an emotion of joy and bring you in tears. The wedding albums crafted by us will take you down the memory lane and you’ll be surprised to see the candid emotions captured.

Wedamor – Would you like to pick the favourite wedding you have captured till now?

Vivah Moments –  It is difficult to pick just one. Each and every culture is different and has its own traditions and rituals. I enjoy each and every ceremony and love to capture the joy and emotions behind it.

Wedamor – Do you find it difficult to show the chemistry between the couple on camera?
Vivah Moments –  Nowadays, most of the people are already well acquainted with each other. As long as they are comfortable with each other, we do not feel any difficulty in capturing their chemistry on camera.

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The Joota Chupai Ritual

It means a union of two families as two souls tie knots! And so, often the ritual are intended to bring the two families together in a bond of fun and understanding! And it is herein where the concept of “joota chupai ritual” comes in!
To me, joota chupai is perhaps the most happening part of the entire wedding because it involves such excitement and adventure!
This fun practice involves the bride’s sister and the rest of the close biological relatives in shrouding the groom’s shoes while the groom’s part of the family tries to save it from theft!
O! Sheer Fun!! And thereafter, the bride’s side of the family demands a ransom in exchange for the shoes. Here, what is most hilarious is in spite of the entire wedding extravaganza, the groom’s side negotiates the sum!
Since I am personally in love with joota chupai tradition.
The bride’s side here’s a favour – a few tried and tested and executed methods of shoe – stealing… 😉
                                                METHOD 1: The Photo Session Method:

Well, here’s the one for all photoholic ‘jijus’. Get to the stage where the bride and groom are sitting or snapping memories with family! Insist on getting a few selfies clicked! As he adjusts himself for the perfect pose, distract him, hide him and whatever that is needed to keep him engaged and engrossed! Grasp the perfect moment and steal it from underneath the chair!
If he is wearing them still, hide him from the picture, ask him to rise up and there you go!! Keep the confusion going so that he never gets the hint that he has been robbed off! Andyess! It is very important that you do not make your intentions obvious! Cool naa!!
                                               METHOD 2: An UNDERCOVER Agent!!

Yess! Yess! I mean it… Aren’t there kinfolks whose identity is relatively obscure, like a bride’s friend’s sister, or the bride’s sister’s boyfriend!! Well! Here’s when they can be put to use!! Employ them to pretend as someone from the groom’s side of the family. Once in their team, how difficult will it be for you to crack the nut?

                                                  METHOD 3: Sweetness Overprized:

Another trick that you could apply is to use your sweetness and innocence to your advantage and win over a close and light-headed relative of the opposite side, to claim the win in this ritual. Tell them how important it is you and that you had been waiting for this day to arrive over the years. There is no way, they could just say “No!” to bride’s cute and adorable sissies. That person could keep you updated about the shoes whereabout always keeping you steps ahead of the "ladka walas". Smart haan!

                                              METHOD 4: Trade With The Panditji:

The panditji who would be conducting the ritual of the ceremony is usually from the bride’s end. Make arrangements to please him! Say, get him a bowl full of laddus. And then make the final stroke! Ask him to make the groom to off his shoes as he ascends the altar to be a part of some ritual. And here’s your chance! Make sure you have a pre-decided chain where you can pass on the shoes, as the groom side in all probability would be chasing you! Also, you could pass on the each of the pairs to two different chain members.

                                    METHOD 5: Hum Aaapke Hain Kaun? Joota Chor 😛

If you cannot figure out or hatch out any of the possible ways, do not lose heart. Keep it simple and straight and call them up for a tug of war. Remember it is meant for fun, it is just a ritual and not a competition, so you could give it a traditional avatar by using a ‘dupatta’ instead of a rope!

Now that I presume that you’ve been successful in stealing them, it comes to hiding. Hide it in a very visible place, somewhere their eyes will not fall on! Let say, in the ocean of shoes, itself!!!
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