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Incredible Journey of Katia Peshakova From Russia to India as a Wedding Photographer

Indian weddings are known for their grand celebrations, surreal charm and all the glitz and glamour painted all over. It’s no surprise that many people around the world are fascinated with such amazing-ness that is in an Indian wedding. One such example is of Katia Peshakova, a wedding photographer who had a special place for India in her heart even before visiting it.
Katia, who moved to India in 2012, is an international artist-photographer who works with a mix of her two sides i.e. photography and love for India and does a spectacular job in creating flawless memories for the bride and groom.
It is such a pleasure for us to interview this gem of a photographer.

Wedamor –  Tell us something about yourself, your team, and what inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

Katia Peshakova –  I was born in Krasnodar in South Russia. My exposure to photography started at an early age through my father who was a photographer himself and wedding photography, I was fascinated by it and the fact that with just one wedding I could do fashion photography, meet new people, and explore amazing places. So it started with just a hobby and became the focus of my life. I felt it as part journalism and part anthropology.

Wedamor –  Born and brought up in Russia, what brings you to India and try Indian wedding photography?

Katia Peshakova – I cannot highlight any single factor as to why I am here. It is the love that brought me to India and it is the same feeling that gets me out of my bed every day. For me India is like, I smell the Indian smell in Bangkok, miss the Indian noise and chaos in Russia, or cook Indian food when I am travelling to other parts of the world. So, I feel much more at home when I am in India. As far as Indian wedding photography is concerned, the love I receive from the families of the bride and groom whose weddings I cover is the highlight of my job.

Wedamor –  How you are competing with the native Indian photographers and what makes you different from your competitors?
Katia Peshakova – I am an artist; to judge my work, people can see my portfolio which showcases my ability to understand Indian weddings, culture, traditions and dress code. I guess there are some weddings to which I naturally won’t suit, but my customers are broad-minded, well-travelled or are even settled abroad. So I never feel the need to convince someone to take me seriously.
Wedamor – You have covered a number of weddings from different parts of India. Which one remains your favourite and why?
Katia Peshakova – Though every wedding leaves a sweet memory in mind but there was one wedding that stands out the most that I covered in September 2015 in Himachal. The couple was from Bengaluru but they went to Palampur to have a traditional Pahari Wedding. After the main functions, the party went to the groom’s house, where the ceremonies to welcome the bahu took place. The entire wedding procession climbed up the hill to worship the groom’s ancestors, and celebrate the entire wedding in the forest with Pahari traditional music and dance. That was the time when I felt exactly why I was in India and why I wanted to become a wedding photographer.

Wedamor – India, being such a diverse country rich in various cultures, customs and traditions, what have been the biggest challenges so far in establishing yourself in the country?

Katia Peshakova – My dad once said, "Don't be afraid to start a new adventure and fight for your dreams". Yes, India is rich in cultures, customs, traditions and Indian wedding are full of colours, and that's where both the beauty and challenge lies. During my early years in India, I wanted to explore as much as I can so I began travelling extensively, taking photographs, keeping a journal and just enjoying the journey. Apart from this, I had discovered books on India at a young age. The books were from Russian authors who have explored India and spend a considerable time here. It was these books that fuelled my desire to live in India and be a part of its culture.
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Romantic Dinner Dates In Delhi To Celebrate Your New Year’s Eve!

New year is just around the corner which calls for a romantic date-planning situation. Welcome the new year with a bang by taking your partner out on some romantic dinner date filled with all the bright aura and a general romantic hue. Read on to know about all the fancy (and by fancy, I mean all your money spent would be totally worth it) dinner settings in Delhi. 



The never-disappointing, charming in all senses and exquisite Sevilla is here to give you the magical, dreamy dinner experience you always wanted with your better half. The price is a bit on the upper side costing around INR 5000 for 2 people, but c’mon! It’s New Year! And just look at the setting!
  • Address: The Claridges, 12, Near Lodhi Road, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi-03
  • Timings: 7–11:45PM
  • Phone: 011 3955 5096
  • Cuisines: Spanish


    Out of the many mesmerising Haus-Khaz eateries, this one is my particular favourite for romantic dinner dates in Delhi to celebrate New Year. Amour means a love affair and I kid you not, the whole setting is based on this theme, which works wonders for the love birds out there.
    • Meal for Two: INR 3000 Approx.
    • Address: Amour, 30/A 4th floor, village, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
    • Timings: 12PM–1AM

    • Phone: 096541 26687


      Rated as one of the Delhi’s best, this exquisite restaurant serves North Indian, European, Mughlai dishes and is a guaranteed setting for a romantic date. Meal for two would cost you approximately INR 4000.
      • Address: 77, Friends colony West, New Delhi, Delhi 110065
      • Timings: 12–2:30PM, 7–10:30PM
      • Phone: 011 4323 5151
      • Cuisines: North Indian, Mughlai



I’m a sucker for rooftop cafes and a setting which includes a wonderful view. This, for me, makes or breaks the whole evening. Sky lounge is the perfect evening spot to spend a lovely bit of time with your baby boo. (I’m bored with using the term ‘lover’ and ‘better half’). Meal for two would cost you approximately INR 2500.
  • Address: 19, Ashoka Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
  • Timings: 7 PM to 1 AM
  • Phone: 011 4355 5555
  • Cuisines: North Indian, Italian, Continental, Chinese


This is an ideal place to celebrate your New Year with your romantic dinner date in Delhi. Talking of rooftop cafes, how can we leave this one out? Located at ITC Maurya, West View is a gorgeous rooftop setting perfect to enjoy some nice romantic evening with your babe. (I’ll continue with sucky nicknames, guys). A meal for two would cost INR 2500 approximately.
  • Address: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
  • Timings: 7–11:45PM
  • Phone: 011 2611 2233
  • Cuisines: European, Continental

Bridal Makeup Hacks For This Wedding Season

Is your wedding day giving you sleepless night? Well, this is your big day and your makeup is one less thing you should worry about. So let's have a look at some of the easy to follow bridal makeup hacks for this wedding season to get that gorgeous and flawless look.



The Red lips concept are often spotted on the runways, in the movies and almost everywhere else we look. Red is the traditional colour for our Indian weddings and it will never ever go out of fashion! So do expect to see red in gloss, mattes, scarlet, true reds, deep or even the winey and semi-glossy hues. If you adore orange, go in for the burnt orange-red colour this wedding season. For softer lips, choose the glossy peaches but make sure you do the eyes in a smoky, metallic manner.

The autumn and winter 2016 are all about the eyelashes and brows. Full brows are in vogue, but it does not mean that you have an unkempt look. Make sure you tweeze or pull off the extra hair. Full eyelashes and full eyebrows will give you all the required attention that you need for being the stunning and gorgeous bride.
Cat eyes will give you an exotic, dramatic and a rather futuristic look. You can twist the very traditional upward sloping cat eye with downward sloping wings on the corner of the eyes and then use a silvery blue eye shadow for that splendid final look and trust us this bridal makeup hack will never go outdated.
Black eyeliner is a must-have, this season. We recommend CoverGirl’s Liquiline Blast kit as a part of your makeup kit for this wedding season. It goes on smoothly like a normal pencil and lasts long as well. Its total performance is undoubtedly recommended by several stylists. For best results, apply the metallic eye shadow to the lid to contour and then once it dries a little, follow up with the liner.


Going without a blush is strictly advised against this season. Do not forget to apply the shimmery highlights to your cheeks. (You could also perk up your cheeks with the blushes in the reds, pinks, peaches or even the oranges). Blushes make you look more beautiful and at the same time makes your overall look better. Use subtle blush during the day and darker hues during the night. Make sure that the colour of your skin tone and the blush are in harmony. Wipe the excess blush carefully and make sure to blend it properly. 

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12 Stunning Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

So you are booking pre wedding photographer, but still curious which idea to choose? Here are some stunning pre-wedding photo shoot ideas to follow if you want to create your own unique pre-wedding session:


Roses and wine, what can be more classy? If you don’t have a perfect location, wine and roses will always make your shoot. Forget that you been photographed and enjoy your day! Eh, and don’t forget to sip some wine!



Another lovely morning, where Nature helped us itself. I wanted to record young Shah Jahan and his love to Mumtaz. I put the couple under an arch to dance, then sun rays came inside as God’s blessing and made the image what it meant to be: a celebration of infinite love. Is not it perfect moment?


Make sure you will not miss one of very beautiful time of the day when the light is so soft and romantic. Plan your photo shoot on sunset or sunrise. Shoot it in an open area or use architecture elements such arch or dome.


Varanasi – still is an unbeaten destination for pre-wedding, but it has so much charm, you will be surprised. Plan your trip well to avoid the rush and get a photographer who knows the city well.

Did you study together? Do you have really funny or romantic story “how we met”? Sharing one hobby or just huge lovers of coffee? Use anything that makes both of you glue to each over, as a topic for your pre-wedding shoot.


Going to trip? Grab your photographer to convert this in a beautiful documentary journey.

A Look Down At The Indian Celebrity Weddings In 2016

Indian celebrity weddings are always fun to talk about, no? While the constant break-up and patch up phases are everlasting in Bollywood, this year has been very fortunate for some of our fav celebs. From Asin and Rahul to Yuvraj and Hazel to Bipasha and Karan, let’s take a look down at some of the most popular Indian celebrity weddings in 2016.


1) Bipasha and Karan
The gorgeous Bipasha got hitched to Karan Singh Grover on the 30th of April, with all the monkey-obsessed decor and celebrations. From the wedding d├ęcor to the cake to the princes cut pink lehenga for the mehendi, Bipasha has shown us her clear obsession with the color Pink. 
They went to the ever-so-magnificent Maldives for their honeymoon! Ah, dreamy!


The ‘Krishnadasi’ star Sana Amin Sheikh tied the knot with TV shows director Aijaz Sheikh on January 14, in Mumbai. The 2-day wedding celebration including Mehendi and sangeet was attended by various other TV stars and their friends from the industry.


Our very beautiful “Ghajini” star, Asin, got hitched to Micromax CEO, Rahul Sharma on January 19 in Delhi. She looked divine as she gave her entry in a Sabyasachi Lehenga and seeing that, Rahul Sharma must have fallen in love with her all over again.


Actress Divyanka Tripathi just tied the knot with fellow TV star Vivek Dahiya in a beautiful ceremony in Bhopal. Much like Bipasha Basu earlier in the year, Tripathi too opted for a white wedding look for her pre-wedding shoot. The ballgown dress with a tulle skirt and a V neckline gave the actress a very fairy-tale princess-like look, which was accentuated by the curly locks.


Television’s favourite couple Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal got hitched in a spectacular kick on January 25 in Goa, guys. It was grand and filled with the presence of famous celebrities.


Actor of the famous show “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki”, Ali Merchant tied the knot with Anam in Karjat on January 29. The wedding didn’t involve a grand celebration of glitters and sparkles but was rather a low-key, private affair.

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How To Choose Wedding Dress?

Preparing for the most special day of one’s life, everyone wants to get the most perfect of all the things. From decorations to food arrangements and from your tiara to shoes, everything should be up to the mark. And the most important of all is the wedding dress. With a countless number of options available, it becomes cumbersome as well as confusing to get the most beautiful wedding dress. Though every blingy dress would attract you towards itself, you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing your wedding dress. Here we have created a list of these things to make it easy for you to get your dream wedding dress.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Simplest Foot Care Tips For The Would Be Bride

The joy of finding “the just pair” of shoes! Invincible! But are you ready to flip on that gorgeous pair of stilettoes on your D-day? Yes, most often Indian brides tend to forget that beautiful feet aren’t gifts. Hence foot care exercises should be a part of their beauty and fitness regime before their wedding. More so, because they wear and tear the most during wedding shopping extravaganza.

Just like it is essential to wisely choose your wedding shoes, so is it essential to make your feet prepared for it. Today we share with you some age-old secrets to revive the lost glory of your feet and flaunt them as well. So here they are the foot care tips:

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Beautify Your Hands For The Big Day!

From head to toe, there shouldn’t be anything missing. When it’s the most important day of your life, you need to take care of everything beforehand. Planning it in advance, you can make sure that nothing is left out. After checking the list of your makeup and other things for your face, another thing you need to take care is your hands. After your face, the part that gets the most attention on your wedding day is your hands. Here are some ways to beautify your hands on your big day.

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Effect Of Demonetisation On Indian Weddings

Weddings in India are always known to be grand, lasting an average of about three days. A lot of time, effort and money are burnt out to make a wedding people would never forget. The wedding industry in India was pegged at more than 1,00,000 crores in 2015 with the estimated growth of 25%-30% annually. However, with the demonetisation of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes issued in the month of November, there has been a temporary shortage of in hand cash in the country. The grand wedding of a couple’s dreams has now turned into a colourless nightmare. Grand plans that may have been decided months in advance are now futile and pointless. So considering the ongoing wedding season, let's discuss the effect of demonetisation on Indian weddings.



People generally spend lavishly on weddings. So, with the ban of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes by the government, the situation has worsened, making preparations and planning a lot harder due to difficulty in making a payment. Most of the vendors in India deal in cash, and even the banquet halls, wedding farms are finding it difficult to work without cash at the lower level.
It is impractical for those with upcoming weddings to wait in long queues for hours to get a few bucks, even getting that money is not certain. Cheques are also out of the scene as no once wants to go to the bank. Payment through credit/debit card is a possibility, but vendors, especially small ones, accepting this mode of payments are rare.
People does not have time to stand in a queue for an amount that may not make much difference. Due to this, people are cutting down/limiting their wedding plans, booking, invitations to accommodate the feasibility of their available budget.

There have been a few cases wherein the bride in her full wedding attire has visited the bank personally demanding the cash withdrawal.


Not only are the to-be-weds and their families facing the effect of demonetisation but also the vendors who are facing heat and many are already suffering from huge losses due to lack of wedding orders.
According to Shreyas Kitta, owner of the Anupam Decorators, says that the business is down by 80 percent since demonetization came into the picture.
The wedding season is the time of the year when these vendors do most of their business. Normally a time period of one month is given to pay the advance, but nowadays it is not possible for this as well. Due to the demonetisation, customers are working on a smaller budget as a result of which vendors are losing out on their business. Also, many vendors have outsourced labors who work on daily wages and due to lack of cash, they are facing heat now.

The Reserve Bank of India has given some relief keeping in mind, the ongoing marriage season but with they do have a bunch of restrictions to follow which again doesn't seem to offer much help.

Treasures Of Indian Weddings: Wedding Decor

Wedding decor planners play a major role in our weddings; they have the ability to make your grandma’s dirty backyard look royal. So, a big Thank You to these pros who make our weddings more beautiful than ever! Read on about these top wedding decorators for your D-day.