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Treasures of Indian Weddings: Makeup Artists

Imagine having un-even foundation, crease lines, patchy lipstick and basically a disaster of a makeup after a few hours into the wedding day? Such a nightmare right? You can’t afford that on the most important days of your life where every eye and camera lens is going to be on you. Well, this is the reason why we’ve come up with this list of top makeup artists for you. You won’t have to worry about any of that if you’re getting your make-up done by these pros. Just sit back, relax and…

Treasures of Indian Weddings: Lehengas

When you think of the usual Big Fat Indian weddings, a few names come to mind that have changed the course of weddings for the brides. From jewellery to lehengas to stylists, let’s explore the treasures of each section of Indian weddings for you to make a decision smoothly.

Treasures Of Indian Weddings (Part 4: Wedding Decor)

This would probably be my favorite topic to write about just cos of the fact that I’m a sucker for decors! They give rise to that euphoric and fun environment to the wedding without which weddings would probably lose a major touch of their charm.
Now imagine wearing a Sabyasachi on your wedding, makeup done by Namrata Soni, looking all glam but the decorations are really sucky and the lighting is terrible, man oh man! What a nightmare. And girls, back me up here when I say how important of a role good lighting has in our lives.
Wedding decor planners play a major role in our weddings; they have the ability to make your grandma’s dirty backyard look royal. So, a big Thank You to these pros who make our weddings more beautiful than ever! Read on about these top wedding decorators for your D-day:


Rani Pink is a total game-changer in the world of wedding decor/event companies. Everything about the decoration is unique, exquisite and has the right amount of charm.
Because of its precise attention to detail, it has the ability to make people look at the decor in awe! The designs and ideas are top-notch and are promising to make your day even more special. If you’re going for a beach wedding/party, THIS IS IT!
Visit them on Facebook: Rani Pink Love
Location: 114 B Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
250000-1000000 per event
350000-1000000 per event
Additional Details: Up for destination weddings


The professionals of this industry, Q events is known to surpass the dreams of the clients. From enticing beach weddings to grand plush receptions in Udaipur, you name the style and Q events has got your back. A wedding designer who understands your taste and zest, and accordingly works to set up your dream ambiance into reality is Geeta Samuel for you.
Visit them here: Q Events by Geeta Samuel
Location: B-40, sector 81 Noida Phase-2, UP 201305, India
Additional details: Up for destination weddings T: +91 120 4211555

3) Sumant Jayakrishnan
The name everyone in the design world has heard of. When you’re talking about the best of the bests in wedding decor, his name has to be among the top three popping out of your mind. After having graduated from the National Institute of Design (NID), he went to London to study theatre design and scenic techniques at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). He then went on to Paris and New York to train in puppetry and lightening design.
All his efforts were simply worth it and you can see that in his work.
He has also been a recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Arts Award (1994), the Sanskriti Award (2001), and the Fulbright Arts Fellowship.
“It doesn't matter if it's an English director or a crazy fashion designer, a Marwari housewife or businessman. What I can do is tune into who they are, try and understand what their vocabulary is, then work with that vocabulary adding things from my vocabulary” Sumant says.
Check out his profile here: Sumant Jaykrishnan


If you’re a flower baby like me, you should definitely go for the beautiful flower arrangements done by Kalikaar (which as the name suggests: an artist who has a passion for flowers).
They are here to take care of all your needs including, consultation, design and deliver wedding décor set-upspre-wedding functions, mandap decorations, car décor, garlands, floral jewelry, accessories, and planning exquisite themes.
You can never go wrong by choosing flowers to brighten up your wedding ambiance and Kalikaar gets that.
Visit Them Here: Kalikaar
Location: Rd 1 Silver Oak Farm Ghitorni, Anand Gram, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Haryana 110070, India
Indoor Budget
500000-1000000 per event
Outdoor Budget
500000-1000000 per event
Read and see more beautiful pics at http://wedamor.com/indian-wedding-decor/

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Imagine having un-even foundation, crease lines, patchy lipstick and basically a disaster of a makeup after a few hours into the wedding day? Such a nightmare right? You can’t afford that on the most important days of your life where every eye and camera lens is going to be on you. Well, this is the reason why we’ve come up with this list of top makeup artists for you. You won’t have to worry about any of that if you’re getting your make-up done by these pros. Just sit back, relax and let the masters take care of the rest.


Having an experience of around 10 years, Chaandni’s sense of make-up involves emphasis on the eyes and a smooth base ending with a natural, dewy finish making her brides look naturally stunning! Her salon in New Friends Colony, New Delhi offers a wide range of beauty and hair treatments which you can check out at the link below:

Email: Chandni@ChandniSingh.com
Phone: +91 – 11 – 41666441 – 442
Cell: +91 – 9810085243


Ambika is one of the most well-known makeup and hair stylist in the country. You can never go wrong with her for your D-day! She’s won a lot of awards for her heart-winning skills and continues to be one of the top most makeup artists in India.
She has various salons in Delhi and Mumbai where you can get a huge variety of facilities.
Check out her website here: Ambika Pillai
Tel: +91 11 400 10000 & 400 10200


If you’re following Sonam Kapoor on Instagram, you probably know about one of her favourite makeup artists and friend that is Namrata Soni. She’s the favourite one on the celebrity list and if you can afford her, there’s no turning heads away from her. She brings out a bride’s features in a gorgeous way and has all the experience to make it look effortless.

Check out her work here: Namrata Soni


Another one of a gem artist with all that experience and fascinating skills. After finishing a course in Miami School of Design, she’s done some beautiful work on some of the top celebrities including Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, to name a few. She’sspecialised in achieving that perfect eye-makeup and what else could a bride ask for?
Visit her site here: Ojas Rajani
Cell: 09821117259

Read more at http://wedamor.com/indian-weddings-makeup-artists/

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Treasures Of Indian Weddings (Part 2: Jewellery Designers)

Jewellery– the magical word which has the power to make any woman feel ecstatic. It can turn arguments into anniversary-feels, it can make us forget about the fight last night. And honestly, I don't understand why men feel women are complicated and hard to impress. All we need is chocolate, jewellery and Sophia Websters in our life and voila, we're happy! 😉
Now, I don't think I have to even describe the importance of good jewellery designers in Indian weddings. It's like answering why 2+2=4. So let's just look at the gems of this industry and fall in love with them all over again.



When it comes to the best of Jewellery designers in India, Kishandas and Co for Sabyasachi comes in our top list. It is the shiz for our elegance- craved brides and grooms-to-be. From a glam look to utter royalty and elegance, This Indian Nawabi Heritage won’t fail to impress. No words can describe the intensity of beautiful I am talking about here. So let the pictures below do the talking! Oh and this is just a teaser, you should definitely check out more on their site.

2) Amrapali: Rajasthan’s Royalty
Inspired by the purest sense of Indian culture, old architecture and paintings, Amrapali stands out for its sophisticated designs which include Meenakari,Thewa and Kundan. It is successful to showcase the rich heritage of India to the world. Speaking of which, some world-famous stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez have worn Amrapali creations, thus proving its worldwide charm and immense elegance. Jewellery designers that originate from Rajasthan just have to be perfect, no?

                                          Image source: Manish Arora for Amrapali


Gehna’s expertise in jewellery is superb. From Chokers to Danglers, to Mang Tikas, an added touch of glamour is sure to be found. Their silver collection exposes creations that are trendy and affordable. What’s even better about it, guess? Customization. With that, you get a unique and beautiful piece made just for you. How lovely!
Recommended for cocktail parties, Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies.
                                            Images source: indiagoldjewellery


Beautifully handcrafted, innovative designs, stunning style makes way for the extravagant pieces of art put together by probably the most known jewellery brand in India, Tanishq.
“Hum har shaadi ke liye tayaar hain is one of their taglines, and boy, they’re not kidding. From South Indian to Gujarati to Sikh, you’re surely gonna find stunning brides wearing the gorgeous creations by this brand. Good work, Tanishq!
Read more at http://wedamor.com/indian-weddings-jewellery-designers/

Friday, 25 November 2016


When you think of the usual Big Fat Indian weddings, a few names come to mind that have changed the course of weddings for the brides. From jewellery to lehengas to stylists, let’s explore the treasures of each section of Indian weddings for you to make a decision smoothly.
1) Sabyasachi (duh): Royal, elegant and classy AF!
Let me just start by saying that if there’s a Beyonce of the Lehenga world, it is SABYASACHI. I’ll be honest with you, whenever they post something on Instagram; I take a good 10 minutes staring at the pieces in awe. How can someone create something so beautiful? In fact, beautiful is too shallow a word to describe how I feel about his collection. I mean with the diverse colour palette, innovative designs, choice of fabrics, a touch of ethnicity, and most of all, his understanding of art makes his work too good to be true.
Straight up, Sabyasachi’s the real reason why I wanna get married someday and my parents should totally thank him every day for that.
To make heads turn and make everyone talk about how stunning of a bride you make, you should totally go for this ace designer. Indian weddings won't be Indian weddings anymore without him. 
Visit this farishta here: Sabyasachi

Image source: Sabyasachi instagram[/caption]
2) Manish Malhotra: Always making girls drool
He is definitely Bollywood’s most loved Fashion designer and is known for his gorgeous ensembles in Traditional Indian colours, his new-age designs with some Indian touch for the modern brides-to-be and his embroideries that steal our hearts away. We promise you, making a stunning and glamorous bride comes effortlessly. That’s Manish Malhotra for you.
“I feel an actress’s life is never complete if she doesn’t walk for Manish Malhotra once," says Alia Bhatt. 
And we couldn’t agree more, Bhatt.
Visit the amazing MM here: Manish Malhotra

3) Anita Dongre: Filled to the brim with ethnicity
Known for her embroideries, vibrant colours and the signature gota and thread work, Anita Dongre is a well-known name for exquisite creations coupled with brimming royalty. Speaking of royalty, the duchess of Cambridge chose one of her Bohemian dresses during her stay in India making this designer oh so famous!

Visit her here: Anita Dongre
4) Anamika Khanna: The rebel of the fashion world?
Anamika Khanna has to be the ideal choice if you’re looking to stay away from the traditional reds and pink, and are in for a bold and glamorous statement. Her creative designs turn heads and are definitely the perfect fit for a chicMehandi night or a cocktail party. She’s one designer who can mix bold and subtlety (such contrasting features) effortlessly. My favourite HAS to be the fabulous Dhoti Saree concept, which is oh-so-unique and oh-so-stunning!
Sonam Kapoor, the girl who can never go wrong with her dressing sense (kudos to Rhea Kapoor though) is spotted numerous times in AK!
Visit her: Anamika Khanna

5) Tarun Tahiliani: Stunning silhouettes
Another one of Bollywood’s fav, Tahiliani’s work basically revolves around neutral palettes and then saturating vibrant borders along with heavy work like Zari, Chiankari and Swarovski crystals. His uniqueness comes from impeccable silhouettes, colour combinations and draping styles which we are a fan of! His creations just shout 'made to rock Indian weddings' all over.
From pink and subtle to dark and glamorous, there is something in store for every bride. 
Check out his gorgeous creations here: Tarun Tahiliani
Read more at http://wedamor.com/treasures-indian-weddings-lehengas/

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


"  Wedding Lanterns are the most romantic form of expressing our love"
Wedding Lanterns look absolutely lovely during the night or even during the evening hours for all styles of weddings. You can simply hang them from trees or ceilings or even from the shepherd’s hooks. You can use them on the windowsills and even around steps, walls, the entrance ways and also as the centerpieces. They look stunning when lit at night or when filled with flowers during the day hours. They do double the beauty as both the decoration and the lighting. What’s not to love in them? So get that pin finger all ready and check out these gorgeous photos which we discovered just for you to best suit the lantern that will suit your style on your wedding day.


The paper wedding lanterns are extremely economical and also very pretty and add a soft touch to your favourite wedding décor. They even work well preferably for an outdoor setup. They look extremely stunning when lots of them are hung at different heights. There are many ways to string them; you could hang them either individually at varying heights or by stringing them in a mesh or simply in a row. Either way, they will look absolutely stunning! Another great idea is to carefully dress up the usually basic paper lantern. Working on the color based on your theme, dressing up them with flowers, origami… getting creative all the way enhances its beauty.


Oil wedding lanterns are an old school, but a great option in case you are on a budget constraint as these are not very expensive. Also, they can add a vintage touch to your ordinary décor and the lighting is also good enough. We like the way they have been used in the picture below. It looks so beautiful and unique. We highly recommend it.


Metal wedding lanterns look both elegant and chic and are a perfect way to add natural lighting to your function. We love the ones in the picture below. If you use these lanterns throughout the house, your house will get that touch of beauty with elegance and of course lots of lights. They can even be hung or just placed around the venue.

Read more at http://wedamor.com/wedding-lanterns-suit-wedding/