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Theme Wedding On Your Mind? Go With Bird Theme Wedding

Weddings are social festivals in India. And the two families put out all the stops to etch the event in the hearts of the wedded couple and endear reminisce to their bosoms by augmenting it with non-oblivious resplendence and unmatched splendor. And in pursuit of this “X” factor, wedding trends have evolved like never before and the concept of theme wedding has earned profound impetus. And one such theme which has garnered a soft spot in the contemporary craze is the bird theme wedding.
Well, aren’t our birds love birds too?
So here’s some tips to celebrate their love in an epitome bird theme wedding:


The Wedding Invites:
                                                         peacock theme wedding card

                                                                    Inside of the card
Well, the theme should start mounting right from the wedding invites. This would also aid the guests to prepare for your bird wedding theme in advance.
Wedding Dresses:
Yes, I mean it perfectly! The theme should hover around perfectly drenching the guests in the subtle detailing of the idea. Here are some inspirations:
                                                                      Peacock gown
                                                        For the daring head-turner lady
Wedding Accessories
Well! Why just halt at the dress. Go on! Enjoy the theme melting into your accessories as well. Here are some amazing ideas for both the bride and the groom.
                                                        And For the Men..
                                                             The Wedding Cake
 The extravaganza of the theme wedding should spread right across the couple’s wedding cake. You can choose the flavor of your choice and invest a little more on the icing. And believe me, it looks really really nifty and will catch all eyes.
Reception Decors:
No place should escape the theme of the wedding…be it cupcakes, mocktail glasses, reception menu (if any), cookies.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Team Wedamor wishes you a bright & cheerful Christmas and may your New Year begin on a prosperous note.

Video Download Link:

Celebrating Weddings

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Theme Wedding On Your Mind? Go With Bird Theme Wedding

Weddings are social festivals in India. And the two families put out all the stops to etch the event in the hearts of the wedded couple and endear reminisce to their bosoms by augmenting it with non-oblivious resplendence and unmatched splendor. And in pursuit of this “X” factor, wedding trends have evolved like never before and the concept of theme wedding has earned profound impetus. And one such theme which has garnered a soft spot in the contemporary craze is the bird theme wedding.

Well, aren’t our birds love birds too?

So here’s some tips to celebrate their love in an epitome bird theme wedding:

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Perfect Minimalist Look For Your Wedding Functions!

While you plan to go all rocking on your wedding day, you can opt for a minimalist look for other wedding functions. Just one look gets boring by the end and it is good if you experiment with many things at one go! Here are a few suggestions on how you can get a perfect minimalist look for your wedding functions. (And yes, still rock on!)

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Your Seasonal Color Guide For Wedding Lehenga

While red and gold are the traditional hues for an Indian bride, a little experimenting could give marvellous results. Every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding. The most important element that needs to shine through is obviously the wedding Lehenga. Colors are to play with and have fun with. It’s time to break the mainstream bridal lehenga palate and make a statement with your outfit on your wedding. Additionally, there are certain colors that are just made for different seasons! Here is your seasonal color guide for wedding lehenga .




The winter months are attributed to dullness and laziness. One only wishes to cuddle up in their blanket all the time and never move. Therefore, to please the eyes in such a season the colors need to be sharp, dark and clear. Go BOLD! open up your winter palate to colors like steel blue, icy cobalt, hot pink, strawberry pink, fuchsia, ruby red, and emerald green.What to avoid: pastels, light colors, gold, orange or beige. If your wedding is in the winter months, it is your time to experiment with the winter colors and turn those heads around.


Spring means blossoming flowers, popping colors everywhere and a new energy in the air. To equalise with that freshness in the air, if you are marrying in these two months of spring you have a wide range of colors to try on! Transition into the month of warmness with warm and comforting tones like an uplifting camel, magical corals, luscious limes, sun-kissed goldens and pleasing peaches. Avoid wearing dark and sharp shades if you want the picture perfect outfit.


Honestly, these are my PASTELS. To preserve the coolness in summer the perfect shades, therefore, become the delightful brightness. Summer makes everyone happy and chirpy, doesn’t it? The power of the sun makes the days longer and illuminates us with our favourite hues, they are so much fun and bring so much energy even in its subtle undertone. So in this season, go with lusty lavender, delicate pink, misty mint, mauve, baby blue, light lime and teal. Pair colors together and experiment with some lightness and funkiness. What to avoid: Dark colors, monotonous gloomy blues. (Insider: I would personally go with lavender, it's such a gorgeous fresh shade! Totally breathtaking)

Friday, 9 December 2016

Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

Apart from the gorgeous outfit, breathtaking jewellery and all the other accessories, there is one thing that is very significant in enhancing your look. In fact, it’s the most important factor in deciding how you look on your wedding day. Yes, it’s the makeup. No matter how much time you have spent preparing your dress and other things, if the makeup goes wrong, it can almost spoil your day.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Although we, Indians, are abundant in customs and rituals but seems incognizant about the theories behind them. With the passage of time, not even our dressing but our culture has been overhauled a lot. In this fast paced life, most of the people become negligent towards a decisive and essential event of their life “Wedding”. To grab those people attention and make their involution in the exquisite moment of their life, we have focused on the Seven Auspicious Parikramas of Wedding. Here, we have tried to unveil each and every phase of the significant event “Saptpadi,” in Sanskrit, of wedding. Let’s fragment this word Saptpadi, Sapt means seven and Padi means foot i.e. making betrothal to be together in every phase of life

In the seven circumambulations ceremony, Agni is weighed as so pure and sanctified that becomes the witness of this bond. Parikramas around fire make that bond immortal and fortified their relation. Even, through rhymes of Sanskrit shlokas in the following rounds, priest invites god and goddess to give their blessings for bride and groom’s new journey:

In first pledge of their new journey, they pray for the sustenance of their family and expect for the blessing of God to maintain respect, understanding between each other. Bride promises to fulfill all the needs and take all household responsibilities .Groom take responsibility to keep that promise and nurture his family. They both take vow to be venerating towards each other.

In second pledge of their journey of togetherness, they pray for the wedlock having mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support. They take vows to become the shield for each other in every difficult phase of life. They pray to the Lord to make their companionship never ending and vow to love each other forever.

In the third phera, bride and groom both adjure the God to be prosperous and wealthy. They want to be economically strong not to fulfill their wishes, their children requirements but to accomplish their unearthly obligations. They vow to maintain their commitment and trueness towards each other.
We all know that without compatibility in opinion and action, no relationship can be long-lasting. Without this, that bond‘s grace fades away. Even to strengthen the backbone of family, giving respect to elders and taking care of all family members are very essential. So in the fourth round of saptpadi, couple vow to respect each other parents and maintain the dignity of their family values. Groom conveys his thanks to his wife to care for his family and to bestow felicity and pleasure in his life. Bride vows to be faithful towards him and his family.

5 Exceptional Ways To Look Best On Your Wedding Day

When it comes to the most important day of one’s life, compromise isn’t a word. Along with all other things to go perfect, everyone wants to look best on their wedding day. And because it’s the most special day, it should be in the most special way. To go with the crowd is too mainstream. This is the day when you not only want to look beautiful but different as well. Everyone wants a look so as to snatch a ‘wow’ at every glance.


Recently, I overheard this conversation between my neighbours and it got me thinking about this whole concept of why our society freaks out when it comes to inter-caste marriages.
Aunty no.1: Oh, did you hear Sharmaji’s daughter had a love marriage, that too an intercaste?
Aunty no.2: Yes, I heard. Soon our kids would want to follow her steps; she’s such a disgrace to our society.
Have you noticed the word ‘disgrace’ they used to describe a girl who probably just married the love of her life? If she’s a disgrace, then I wonder what thieves, serial killers, rapists, and psychopaths are called in our society?
Also, did you know that just 5% of Indian marriages are inter-caste marriages? So this is going to be my attempt out of a million ones, to try and change this percentage and the definition of ‘disgrace’ that our society holds.


It’s time that some of our orthodox Indians realize that it’s not about the caste/religion someone belongs to, it’s about who they are as a person, it’s about their willingness to shower their partner with all their love and compassion, to be with them during the good, bad and messed-up times. And above all, it’s about how much happiness they bring to your daughter/son.


“Log kya kahengey is probably the deadliest and of course, the shittiest line people can say to keep you out of getting into inter-caste marriages; and it doesn’t just end there. Just a single phrase like that has the ability to shatter your dreams into a million pieces and it’s going to continue doing until one of these days, we stop caring about what others have to say about our personal life. Can I get an Amen here?
Also, if you try to speak up against this, steel yourself from the shitstorm coming your way because of it.
Now it’s up to you. Meaningless comments by people who have no life of their own or the happiness of your son/daughter? What matters more?

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You know how Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, ‘change is the only constant in life’. These people basically just refuse to make sense out of it. Living in a particular time zone, with the same traditions and way of living for forever is practically impossible. To give you a little extreme example, you know how species that don’t adapt to their changing environment, don’t survive for long. That’s pretty much the point, except for the fact that it is not about your survival, it’s about your pride in your so-called caste.
Go pick up today’s newspaper, check the date on it. Says 2016 huh? Now ADAPT!



Since childhood, we’re being taught about Mahabharata and Ramayana, no matter what caste we belong to. But did you now there have been a lot of instances of inter-caste marriages in Mahabharata?
Dushyant married Shakuntala, who was a Brahmin. Kshatriya king Shantanu married a low-born fisherwoman, Satyavati, Bheema married Hidimba, and this is just to name a few.

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We have reached beyond the moon, it is now possible to jump-start a brain out of a coma using ultrasounds, and space travel for an average man is becoming a reality. Living in a world which is progressing at such a fast pace, we continue to live in the 1940s where our main concerns involve our children getting married out of caste. Is this really the right way to go? Are we really making progress?
                                                                                                Read More

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A honeymoon is an important part of the post-wedding life. So here, we present some of the beautiful and unexplored honeymoon destinations in India.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Kinds Of People At Indian Weddings

We encounter different kinds of people at weddings.Particularly Indian weddings are best at it. So, watch and enjoy the kind of people you must have met or will be meeting.

Friday, 2 December 2016


As it is said, Wedding is crowned to be the turning point of anyone’s life. Although it is supposed to be the one-time event, yet less of care and patience is adopted while defining the RIGHT TIME for the mega event. Everyone, except the supposed to be bride/groom, pop up with their own logics to justify the timing of your D-day. Let’s take up some of them one by one:

Early 20’s!!! 15 Reasons, It’s Wedding Time For You…

As it is said, Wedding is crowned to be the turning point of anyone’s life. Although it is supposed to be the one-time event, yet less of care and patience is adopted while defining the RIGHT TIME for the mega event. Everyone, except the supposed to be bride/groom, pop up with their own logics to justify the timing of your D-day. Let’s take up some of them one by one:-

Boy/Girl is of OUR caste, rich, good background, parents government employees and blah blah. Such DEALS doesn’t strike every day to everyone. Consider yourself lucky. This is perfect wedding time for you.

You are very irresponsible; we want you to be married. Loads of responsibilities will surely bring you back on track in time and save you from getting spoiled; else, you will ruin our image in the society.

One time jackpot offer. The boy/girl has returned after studying in foreign. You should not miss this golden opportunity. A double bonanza of luxurious and high status in society.


Here comes in the super-role of Panditji. Let alone anybody else, he is going to convince his prospective (CLIENTS) that according to his study, it is going to be the perfect (made for each other) match. Well!!! He is going to get DAKSHINA or commission, as may be called, for acting as an (successful) intermediary.


Sonpur wale uncle/ Padhos wali aunty and all other relatives keep asking us about your marriage. It doesn’t look good excusing them time and again. It’s so embarrassing BETA, Don’t you think it’s your parents’ insult. You have to marry to shut their mouths. Please try to understand our problem. Everyone is waiting for the wedding time to come.

You want to go to abroad for trip. We have an idea!!! Get married and enjoy your honeymoon in foreign, and there is icing on cake, parents are going to finance it as their wedding gift for you.
BEWARE– High chances of you being caught here. It's an extra lurial offer to book the wedding time.


Al l your friends are getting married, so you should also do it now. See them!!! They all are not mad; they are doing it because it's the best wedding time period. From birth till death, comparison goes on and we keep on running in this rat race one after the other.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Indian Sweet Dish Menu For This Wedding Season

More than anything this wedding season, Indian weddings are becoming the symbols of everything over-the-top. From the extremely grand decor to the lavish array of food items, we Indians love to do it all with that absolute pomp and pageantry. To give it that right touch of splendour, we don’t mind those brainstorming sessions to come up with something that is innovative, something that is completely out-of-the-box.
But, somehow, in the process of going all innovative, we don't pay much attention to one of the most lavish parts of Indian weddings, which are the sweets. We end up having all those same age-old gulab jamuns, ras malai, kulfis or Kaju barfis in the sweet dish menu for the weddings. It’s time to give our choice of wedding sweets a completely new and creative makeover. Let us take a look at some of the best and most innovative sweet dish options available, which are being opted more instead of those traditional sweet dishes to surprise their guests.


Cupcakes are extremely common, so is our gajar ka halwa. But gajarhalwa cupcakes? Does that even ring a bell? Not at all! Yet, it sounds so tasty and amazing. So, present your guests with this Indian sweet dish bring a contemporary twist.


Have you ever wondered how it would be like to have your ice cream to be tea flavoured? Here is your chance to savor the flavour of your favourite beverage, i.e., chai in one divine dessert platter form. This ice cream blends the richness of the Indian tea and the amazing tea spices making it an unforgettable treat to the very spice loving Indian taste buds.


Kulfis are the Indian version of the famous popsicles – so you can play with all those ingredients to make them something as more interesting as possible. With the mango and the unique blend of saffron, this version can be absolutely delicious and mouth-watering in a summer wedding season.

Groom Tips

To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it; Whenever you're right, just shut-up."
-Ogden Nash

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Treasures of Indian Weddings: Makeup Artists

Imagine having un-even foundation, crease lines, patchy lipstick and basically a disaster of a makeup after a few hours into the wedding day? Such a nightmare right? You can’t afford that on the most important days of your life where every eye and camera lens is going to be on you. Well, this is the reason why we’ve come up with this list of top makeup artists for you. You won’t have to worry about any of that if you’re getting your make-up done by these pros. Just sit back, relax and…

Treasures of Indian Weddings: Lehengas

When you think of the usual Big Fat Indian weddings, a few names come to mind that have changed the course of weddings for the brides. From jewellery to lehengas to stylists, let’s explore the treasures of each section of Indian weddings for you to make a decision smoothly.

Treasures Of Indian Weddings (Part 4: Wedding Decor)

This would probably be my favorite topic to write about just cos of the fact that I’m a sucker for decors! They give rise to that euphoric and fun environment to the wedding without which weddings would probably lose a major touch of their charm.
Now imagine wearing a Sabyasachi on your wedding, makeup done by Namrata Soni, looking all glam but the decorations are really sucky and the lighting is terrible, man oh man! What a nightmare. And girls, back me up here when I say how important of a role good lighting has in our lives.
Wedding decor planners play a major role in our weddings; they have the ability to make your grandma’s dirty backyard look royal. So, a big Thank You to these pros who make our weddings more beautiful than ever! Read on about these top wedding decorators for your D-day:


Rani Pink is a total game-changer in the world of wedding decor/event companies. Everything about the decoration is unique, exquisite and has the right amount of charm.
Because of its precise attention to detail, it has the ability to make people look at the decor in awe! The designs and ideas are top-notch and are promising to make your day even more special. If you’re going for a beach wedding/party, THIS IS IT!
Visit them on Facebook: Rani Pink Love
Location: 114 B Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
250000-1000000 per event
350000-1000000 per event
Additional Details: Up for destination weddings


The professionals of this industry, Q events is known to surpass the dreams of the clients. From enticing beach weddings to grand plush receptions in Udaipur, you name the style and Q events has got your back. A wedding designer who understands your taste and zest, and accordingly works to set up your dream ambiance into reality is Geeta Samuel for you.
Visit them here: Q Events by Geeta Samuel
Location: B-40, sector 81 Noida Phase-2, UP 201305, India
Additional details: Up for destination weddings T: +91 120 4211555

3) Sumant Jayakrishnan
The name everyone in the design world has heard of. When you’re talking about the best of the bests in wedding decor, his name has to be among the top three popping out of your mind. After having graduated from the National Institute of Design (NID), he went to London to study theatre design and scenic techniques at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). He then went on to Paris and New York to train in puppetry and lightening design.
All his efforts were simply worth it and you can see that in his work.
He has also been a recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Arts Award (1994), the Sanskriti Award (2001), and the Fulbright Arts Fellowship.
“It doesn't matter if it's an English director or a crazy fashion designer, a Marwari housewife or businessman. What I can do is tune into who they are, try and understand what their vocabulary is, then work with that vocabulary adding things from my vocabulary” Sumant says.
Check out his profile here: Sumant Jaykrishnan


If you’re a flower baby like me, you should definitely go for the beautiful flower arrangements done by Kalikaar (which as the name suggests: an artist who has a passion for flowers).
They are here to take care of all your needs including, consultation, design and deliver wedding décor set-upspre-wedding functions, mandap decorations, car décor, garlands, floral jewelry, accessories, and planning exquisite themes.
You can never go wrong by choosing flowers to brighten up your wedding ambiance and Kalikaar gets that.
Visit Them Here: Kalikaar
Location: Rd 1 Silver Oak Farm Ghitorni, Anand Gram, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Haryana 110070, India
Indoor Budget
500000-1000000 per event
Outdoor Budget
500000-1000000 per event
Read and see more beautiful pics at